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    Would you trade Brandon Clarke for Harrison Barnes? Since Jaren Jackson won’t play few months, Grizzlies would have to start Clarke along Adams, but both of them are non shooters.

    Both of them, Barnes and Clarke are expiring contracts. Clarke is great hustler with a winning mentality, but without shoot and self creation. He is four years younger, but I don’t think he will develop reliable shoot. Barnes is very good shooter with a little slashing and passing skils and a solid defence. He would be nice fit with probably any team in the league. Would you rather pay Barnes 16-17 million per year or Clarke 12-13? I supose that would be their price range next year.

    Grizzlies get Barnes
    Kings get Clarke and Josh Richardson
    Spurs get Danny Green and two second rounders (or even Grizzlies 2024 first rounder)

    Would this trade make sence for all three teams? Spurs are in fool tank mode, they don’t need Richardson at all. Kings drafted Murrey at forward, so they don’t need Barnes that much any more.

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    barnes is Clearly better now- and i think he will be overall. Clarke has more potential- but his lack of shot- shows he is not cimitted to working to be better

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    This trade actually benefits all the teams involved lol. Grizzlies get a vet for once that can provide shooting. Kings get another Gonzaga player in Clarke that could fit well alongside Sabonis and wing depth in Rook 2 and the Spurs get back Danny Green,


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