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    Here we attempt the (almost impossible) task of determining Team USA’s 2024 Olympic Roster:

    1. J. Tatum – Best Overall, In-Prime US player.
    2. D. Booker – 2nd best In-Prime US player.
    3. B. Adebayo – Provides much needed bulk and interior toughness, a bit lacking on this WC Team.
    4. Z. Williamson – Assuming he is in-shape and healthy.
    5. A. Edwards – Ascending to superstar status on this WC US team.
    6. C. Cunningham – Best player on Select Team this year. Should have been included on WC roster.
    7. J. Brown – Premier Olympic Role player profile; leadership, defense and hit open shots.
    8. J. Jackson – Doing well at WC. Previous DPOY. Shot Blocking + Hit Threes.

    “Old Men” Possibles:
    1. S. Curry – Most likely ‘oldie’ to opt onto the team. Still the best shooter in the world. Verdict: In
    2. K. Durant – 2nd Most likely ‘oldie’ to opt onto team. Still best ‘scorer’ in the world. Verdict: In
    3. D. Lillard – On Record as saying he is eyeing 2024 Olympics Return. Verdict: In
    4. A. Davis – When on and healthy, still the best of elite. Not really ‘Old’, but fragile. Verdict: In
    5. L. James – Might he? In top location (Paris) and puts double ‘!’ on Olympic career? Verdict: Out
    6. K. Leonard – Still has remnants of elite dominance, whenever he plays. Verdict: Out
    7. J. Harden – His time has passed on the World Stage, IMO. Verdict: Out
    8. J. Butler – The ultimate winner/leader. Gut feeling is no however. Verdict: Out

    International Possible:
    1. J. Embiid – Is France and US Options. Stacked US roster + Olympics Location? Verdict: France

    1. J. Brunson – Leading the WC team in top-notch fashion. Verdict: Out
    2. T. Haliburton – Bringing passing and energy to WC team. Verdict: Out
    3. M. Bridges – Great for WC team. Will continue to rise as go-to guy in 2023-2024. Verdict: Out
    4. J. Morant – Would be in on talent alone. Over legal issues? Role-Model (?) ? Verdict: Select Team
    5. D. Mitchell – Hard to stop and a strong, microwave scoring guard. Verdict: Out
    6. D. Fox – Good player still improving, but other, better options lead to no. Verdict: Out
    7. D. Garland – Ascending and will a potential in future team iterations. Verdict: Out
    8. P. Banchero – Ascending each game in this World Cup. Chose US over Italy. Verdict: Select Team
    9. C. Holmgren – Purely based on potential and possibility. Verdict: Select Team
    10. J. Hart – Ultimate do whatever is needed guy. Verdict: Select Team
    11. T. Young – All offense, no defense. Verdict: Out
    12. J. Williams – Beginning to ascend all-around, do it all guy. Verdict: Select Team
    13. A. Reaves – Popular and exciting. Other candidates push him out for Paris. Verdict: Select Team
    14. S. Henderson – If Olympics a year later, I think he’d be in. Future of NBA. Verdict: Select Team
    15. E. Mobley – Franchise young big. A year + from being in top contention. Verdict: Select Team
    16. L. Ball – Exciting, but sloppy public profile lead to an odd fit. Verdict: Out
    17. J. Smith – Based on potential and SL, a future Olympic participant. Verdict: Select Team
    18. J. Green – Has the talent, needs the discipline and professionalism. Verdict: Select Team
    19. K. Murray – Future Olympic roster for sure. Professional and solid. Verdict: Select Team
    20. J. Grant – Good role player, doesn’t make the talent cut in this year’s iteration. Verdict: Out
    21. J. Randle – Good All-Around NBAer, but nope. Verdict: Out
    22. J. Allen – Good interior big, but not dynamic. Verdict: Out
    23. Z. LaVine – Regressed some this last season. Verdict: Out
    24. D. DeRozan – National Team time is up, IMO. Verdict: Out
    25. C. Johnson – Good shooter, needs to show more. Scout team shooter. Verdict: Select Team
    26. B. Ingram – Has soured on US team this WC iteration. Verdict: Out
    27. W. Kessler – Ascending Rim Protector. Not this time however. Verdict: Select Team

    Projected Depth Chart 2024 Paris Olympics:
    C – A. Davis
    F – K. Durant
    F – J. Tatum
    G – D. Booker
    G – S. Curry

    C – B. Abedayo
    F – Z. Williamson
    F – J. Brown
    G – D. Lillard
    G – C. Cunningham

    G – A. Edwards
    C – J. Jackson

    Projected Depth Chart 2024 Select Team:
    C – W. Kessler
    F – P. Banchero
    F – C. Johnson
    G – A. Reaves
    G – J. Morant

    C – E. Mobley
    F – Holmgren
    F – K. Murray
    G – J. Williams
    G – S. Henderson

    F – J. Smith
    G – J. Green

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    Excellent analysis, I can see KD being very keen for a 4th Olympic Gold and Steph hasn’t been to an Olympics and this is the one thing missing on his resume. I don’t see LBJ going personally unless he maybe did decide to retire next summer and this way he goes out on a high.

    AD I don’t see going he has an Olympic gold and hasn’t been to last two games. Steve Kerr will likely take Steph, Dame and KD as his oldies and then fill the team with younger current or developing talent.

    Cade would have likely been at WC but for injury issues last season so can work his way onto the roster but a lot will depend on how the younger players perform, who opts in.

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    I don’t see Zion as a lock at all. The international game is big and congested. You can park a 7-footer in the paint, and it is effective in half court situations. Even when at his best, and even when under 300 lbs., Zion is 6’6″ and benefits from being able to be a bully in a spaced floor where the team is built around him. I don’t see the benefit to the team on the court when he is not the focal point. It is somewhat weird to have to differentiate between guys who are stars in terms of celebrity and stars in terms of what they do on the court. Zion has the ability to be both, but is not especially versatile. Brunson, Haliburton, and Bridges are in. With Brunson and Haliburton, you need point guards who can play on the ball and off. Bridges is a better fit as the “Olympic Melo” role than Brandon Ingram. I also think there is no tier difference between him and Jaylen Brown in NBA terms, and is superior in the complementary role of the national team.Anthony Edwards is going to either be a starter or the 6th man, and that is if Devin Booker goes and gets a non-guaranteed starting nod. Also, other than the Lithuania game, Reaves has been really good as well. I think there needs to be respect for the guys who went this year and their performance. Speaking of which, Jaren Jackson has really been a disappointment in the World Cup. He is becoming a caricature of himself with his needless and constant fouling. If Serbia, Canada, Lithuania, and France all bring their best, they can’t rely on him at the 5 and expect to win gold.

    If Curry, LeBron, or Durant want to go, they go. I don’t think they will want to. The season is long, and they have a lot of miles on them. It being the Olympics, and the host city being Paris, obviously, has a lot of appeal, so one cannot dismiss it entirely , but I don’t think that will be the case. It is committing more than a month of their offseason to training, traveling, and competing. I would be surprised if they sign up. Speaking of stars in terms of celebrity vs on court, James Harden has to stop being spoken of in these terms. There is a chance Harden doesn’t have a contract when the national teams start playing exhibitions or the final qualification tournament. He is not a Day 1 of free agency guy anymore. He is high maintenance, unreliable, and has quit on three teams now. Melo and DeMarcus Cousins fell out of the league for less.

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    The likes of LBJ, Steph and KD have numerous NBA titles so its not like the 24/25 season would be the be all and end all for them. Someone like LBJ would he be looking for a guaranteed starting spot or at least major minutes as going to the Olympics and being a bit of a passenger would be pointless. I definitely think KD will go chasing a 4th Olympic Gold, Steph it will be another achivement to tick off.

    As regards LBJ I personally think he will only go if he is going to retire and the Lakers haven’t made the finals. That way he can go out on a truly worldwide stage.

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    STOP SLAPPING THE BACKBOARD!!! How does a guy play for a month where slapping the backboard is goaltending still slaps it in the semis?

    Oh, and some team really ought to trade for Daniel Theis. If Indiana doesn’t want to give him minutes, there has to be a competitive team that can use a rotational big with a huge wingspan, toughness, can move his feet, and knock down an open shot. Couldn’t he help Dallas or Golden State? Wouldn’t he be a better backup for Bam in Miami than Thomas Bryant? OKC has 21 guys on their roster, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a center who is better than Jaylin Williams and Jeremiah Robinson-Earl? Is Denver better off with Zeke Nnaji and DeAndre Jordan behind Jokic?

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    I agree for a contender Theis would be a rock solid back up C or frontcourt rotational player like he did for Boston for several seasons. He has a team option on his contract for 24/25 too which would at worse give him trade value to any team acquiring him in a trade.

    Even a rebuilding team like Portland who might want an experienced big to help mentor younger frontcourt talent could be an outside option.


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