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    My bad… a bit late this year on this, a lot has gone on here… but anyways, I thought it would be a good time to put my big board out here… always welcome any comments or even better yet more big boards… Anyways, this is about how I see it thus far this season, hope you enjoy:

    Ja’Kobe Walter – G – Baylor
    Alexandre Sarr – PF/C – France
    Stephon Castle – G – UConn
    Nikola Topic – G – Serbia
    Bub Carrington – G – Pitt
    Ron Holland – F – GLeague

    Cody Williams – G/SF – Colorado
    Robert Dillingham – PG – Kentucky
    Donovan Clingan – C – UConn
    Kel’el Ware – C – Indiana
    Matas Buzelis – F – Gleague
    Isaiah Collier – G – USC
    Tyrese Proctor – PG – Duke
    Zaccharie Risacher – F – France

    Justin Edwards – SG/SF – Kentucky
    Aday Mara – C – UCLA
    Makenzie Mgbako – PF/C – Indiana
    Milan Momcilovic – F – Iowa State
    Izan Almansa – PF/C – Spain
    Kobe Johnson – G/SF – USC
    Reed Sheppard – G – Kentucky
    Melvin Ajinca – F – France
    Tidjane Salaun – F – France

    Baba Miller – F – Florida State
    Oso Ighodaro – F – Marquette
    Judah Mintz – G – Syracuse
    Elmarko Jackson – G – Kansas
    Kwame Evans, Jr. – F – Indiana
    Juan Nunez – PG – Spain
    Grant Nelson – PF/C – Alabama
    Kyle Filipowski – C – Duke
    Garwey Dual – G – Providence
    Jared McCain – G – Duke
    Thierry Darlan – G – GLeague
    Scottie Middleton – SG/SF – Ohio State
    Riley Kugel – G – Florida
    Trey Alexander – G – Creighton
    AJ Johnson – G – Australia
    Aaron Bradshaw – C – Kentucky
    Pacome Dadiet – SG/SF – Germany
    Yves Missi – C – Baylor
    DJ Wagner – G – Kentucky
    Berke Buyuktuncel – PF/C – UCLA
    Zvonimir Ivisic – C – Kentucky
    Dillon Mitchell – F – Texas
    Terrance Arceneaux – SG/SF – Houston

    Mark Armstrong – PG – Villanova
    DaRon Holmes – PF/C – Dayton
    Trevon Brazile – C – Arkansas
    Baye Fall – PF – Arkansas
    Trentyn Flowers – G/F – Australia
    Dillon Jones – SG/F – Weber State
    Ryan Kalkbrenner – C – Creighton
    Ryan Dunn – SG/F – Virginia
    PJ Haggerty – G – Tulsa
    Tucker DeVries – SG/SF – Drake
    JJ Starling – G – Syracuse
    Michael Ajayi – G – Pepperdine
    Milos Uzan – G – Oklahoma
    Kevin McCullar – SG/SF – Kansas
    Xavier Booker – PF/C – Michigan State
    Coen Carr – SG/F – Michigan State
    Reece Beekman – G – Virginia
    Jarin Stevenson – F – Alabama
    Ariel Hukporti – C – Germany
    Zach Edey – C – Purdue
    Tyler Smith – PF/C – GLeague
    Babacar Sane – F – GLeague
    Omaha Biliew – PF/C – Iowa State

    Johnell Davis – G – Florida Atlantic
    Jaedon LeDee – PF/C- Sand Diego State
    Aidan Mahaney – G – St. Mary’s
    Caleb Foster – G – Duke
    Andrej Stojakovic – SG/SF – Stanford
    Bobi Klintman – F – Australia
    Tyler Kolek – G – Marquette
    Kylan Boswell – G – Arizona
    Keion Brooks, Jr. – SG/SF – Washington
    Dalton Knecht – G/SF – Tennessee
    Tristan Da Silva – F – Colorado
    Alex Karaban – PF – UConn
    Ajay Mitchell – G – UC Santa Barbara
    Adem Bona – C – UCLA
    Alijah Martin – SG – Florida Atlantic
    Terrence Shannon, Jr. – SG/SF – Illinois
    Taran Armstrong – PG – Australia
    Tyler Burton – F – Villanova
    Great Osobor – PF/C Utah State
    Isaiah Stevens – G – Colorado State
    Tramon Mark – SG/SF – Arkansas
    Branden Carlson – PF/C – Utah
    Aaron Estrada – G – Alabama
    RayJ Dennis – G – Baylor
    PJ Hall – PF/C – Clemson
    Clarence Daniels – SG/SF – New Hampshire
    Baylor Scheierman – G/SF – Creighton
    Nikola Djurisic – G/SF – Serbia
    Coleman Hawkins – PF/C – Illinois
    Caleb Love – Arizona
    Jamal Shead – G – Houston
    LJ Cryer – G – Houston
    Allen Flanigan – SG/SF – Ole’ Miss

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    Great list as always, I’ve been busy with a lot of things so haven’t followed college ball that much this season let alone the G and overseas leagues. But will look to get up to speed before the end of the year.

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    I think there is still a lot of weight on perception rather than reality in a lot of early lists. Honestly, at this point, I can’t get my head around Kyle Filipowski being a possible lottery pick and PJ Hall only a possible 2nd rounder. Both are good college players, Hall is better. For what people perceive to be Filipowski’s NBA future, as a stretch 4 or a center-less look 5, Hall is simply better at it. He is a better perimeter shooter and better putting the ball on the floor and creating. Clingan does not strike me as a lottery prospect. He is huge and relatively athletic for his size, but his lack of skill development has hindered his ability to go from a very effective backup center to a decent starter. I have not seen enough of Stephon Castle to have a sense as to where he is at. It is a long season, but it has not been a particularly strong NCAA based one-and-done crop as of yet. Ja’Kobe Walter has been off to a nice start, but Baylor hasn’t exactly scheduled much to date. It will change. They have Michigan State (albeit a bad Michigan State team) on Saturday and Duke (albeit not living up to expectations) in a week. Justin Edwards has Cam Reddish vibes. He will still be perceived as a lottery pick due to his projectable traits, even though his game screams otherwise. Cody Williams seemingly started to find a groove. He had a very strong second half against Colorado State to make that game appear close, but has now gotten hurt. Isaiah Collier is a talented point guard, but I don’t see him as the kind of guard that the Wizards or Spurs need. He feels more like a throwback power point than what is now common. Even someone like Baron Davis had a lot of explosion to his game. Carlton Carrington got off to a hot start against overmatched opposition, but his splits against major opposition are quite stark. In 5 games against, Florida, Oregon State, Missouri, Clemson, and WV (of whom only Clemson is undeniably good), he is averaging 12 PPG on 35% from the floor, and 23% from three. I’d pump the breaks on him at this point. He will have a whole ACC season to prove himself, but at this point I wouldn’t be overly excited. Aday Mara needs multiple years in college. He could end up making the kind of leap Kel’el Ware made from year one to year two, but if he is far from strong enough to deal with college big men what is jumping to the NBA prematurely going to do to him? Reed Sheppard is Kentucky’s best player, but that doesn’t make him a great prospect anymore so than it did Oscar Tshiebwe. He is a 6’2″ guard who is not a great athlete. He can shoot. Kyle Guy and Bryn Forbes were great in college too. The NBA wasn’t all that interested in them. The whole Kentucky thing isn’t what it once was. They haven’t won a title in more than a decade, and going on year nine without a Final Four appearance. It is not as if teams in the league went nuts over Tyty Washington. I think Rob Dillingham could garner more interest, but he is a smaller Cason Wallace.

    I think the beneficiaries will be the international crop of players with projectable traits. Zaccharie Risacher, Melvin Ajinca, Tidjane Salaun, and Alex Sarr have run hot and cold over their first quarters of the season, but are young, long, athletic, and fit the mold of what teams want prospects to look and project to play like. It could very well be a year where the majority of the lottery picks come from outside the NCAA. Even if I was to put in Edwards (simply off the Cam Reddish precedent), Williams, Walter, Castle, Ware, and Collier, I could see Alex Sarr, Bobi Klintman (22 points in his last outing ), Nikola Topic (just had a 21-5-5 against a Euroleague team) the grouping of Rischer, Ajinca, Salaun (more Coulibaly/Dieng mold of justification), as well as the G-League Igniters Matas Buzelis, Tyler Smith, and Ron Holland.

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    Yeah, these early big boards are a small sample size for sure… The next one will be different. This draft class is kinda salty this year. Similar to maybe 2016, but even slightly weaker perhaps… eek! Some bright spots of course, but no sure fire prospects at least displayed yet.


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