By Lukas Peng

With the Guangdong Tigers winning their 21st game in a row tonight, we still do not see Emmanuel Mudiay any closer to a CBA comeback. Ever since veteren point guard Will Bynum joined Guangdong, the team has not lost. The team is heading into the All-Star Game with Will Bynum as a reserve for the South Team. The 1 week break will give players a much needed rest as the season will play its final 7 games starting January 21st. After a practice session, the Chinese media had a chance to interview Mudiay. [Scroll down to view].

“I’m still here; I want to stay as long as possible. I still hope to be here when we win the championship. ..The final decisions will be made by the team and the coach. I really like China, if I didn’t like it I think I’d be home a long time ago. My family and I are all here and we like it here, I will be here supporting my team and want to stay until the end… I’m still not fully recovered and have been out for a while now, but thank god that I’ve recovered well and will be evaluating the injury each day… There is no time schedule on when I will be back on the court. I am patiently recovering. My trainer gave me a good rehab plan and will not rush to get back into competition, since I’m not 100% yet… I will be cheering on my teammates and supporting my team.” (Translated Text/ this interview was not broadcasted, but was in a written article)

As Will Bynum has been performing well and the team is only 4 wins away from breaking the all-time CBA record in wins in a row (Set by the Shanghai Sharks led by a young Yao Ming), the chances of Mudiay’s return to the court has decreased since our last update. He will stay and fulfill his contract and be positive support to his team, as nobody can predict what will happen but an injury to Will Bynum could quickly change the scenario.

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