Jeff Teague to Milwaukee?


Jeff Teague


We’ve learned from sources that Milwaukee is extremely high
on Jeff Teague and he will likely be one of a small group of players they will
decide from at their 10th pick.

While in Treviso I was able to speak with a number of scouts and bounce a number
of players off of them. Teague was one player that everyone was very high on.
Though he has yet to sign with an agent and commit to the draft, he’s considered
to have a good chance to be a lottery pick.

Teague would make a lot of sense for a team that will likely let point guard Ramon
Sessions walk in free agency. Teague offers the team a lot of upside at the point
guard position and for a team low on talent, he’s exactly what they need.

Austin Daye Promise in Top 20? Or not…

Austin Daye might have a promise in the top 20, in which case he should obviously
remain in the draft.

Those close to Daye claim he is saying he has a promise in the top 20. However
if that’s the case it’s curious that he would choose to continue to work out for
teams, since the usual protocol is to shut down workouts to avoid an injury and
keep quiet. One thing we have confirmed is that if he indeed does have a promise,
it’s not at 15 with Detroit, as some have projected.

Daye measured very well with a 7-2 wingspan and a 9-foot standing reach. However
his athleticism test numbers were worse than bad as he failed to put up 185 once
and had one of the slowest times in the 3/4 court sprint. His vertical was also
extremely poor.

Some feel he should remain in the draft this year due to the fact that this is
his best chance to be a first rounder, and his game will be exposed if he returns
to school and can’t carry the team.

The Pistons have supposedly narrowed their list of players they are considering
to four and will pick from those at 15. Jrue Holiday has impressed Detroit and
could be among the four players they have in their list.

Patty Mills Likely in 2nd Round

Nearly every scout I spoke with in Treviso said that
if Mills remains in the draft this year he will be a second rounder. His performance
in Treviso
did nothing to change the nosedive that his stock has taken
since workouts began. One scout mentioned the fact that guards were blocking his
shots during the Oakland workout and that his size was becoming an apparent issue.

Before his wrist injury, Mills was riding a wave of momentum having led the Australian
national team in scoring during his great performance in the Olympics. He came
back and struggled to play up to the same level late in the year, and hasn’t been
able to turn things around.

Word is that Mills has yet to sign with an agent and could go back to school,
despite the fact that he announced he would stay in the draft. Regardless, many
scouts see Mills as an eventual back up in the league.

Washington to Trade Out of 5th Pick?

There is speculation that the Wizards will look to move
their 5th pick and trade down looking to dump a salary in the process. Washington
has a ton of money locked up in Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler
and would like to improve their cap situation in any way possible. They don’t
see this as being a strong draft or a player worthy of the 5th selection being

A number of teams could potentially look to move up to the 5th pick targeting
players such as Jordan Hill, Stephen Curry or Tyreke Evans.



  1. Finally the Teague bandwagon arrives
    I’ve been saying for weeks that you guys have Teague and Tyreke Evans ranked way too low(17 and 24 respectively in your latest big board).

    You still have Wayne Ellington, Chase Budinger, and Eric Maynor ranked ahead of Teague and Evans. Insane? I love how you stick to your guns on Jrue Holiday, but I think you’re off on this one.

    Aran, I will bet you one twelve-pack of Tecate that Teague and Evans go before all three of those guys. Yes, I said Tecate. I don’t claim to be the most interesting man in the world.

    B. Frank

  2. Not sold on Teague
    We were talking about this in our podcast Tuesday – http://www.nbadraftdaycountdown.com – and I have to disagree with you on Teague. I see more as a scoring combo off the bench – ala Terry, or Flip Murray. He is not much of a creator.

    Also, Scotts Skiles started Luke Ridnour over Ramon Session all year, do you really see Skiles having much interest in Teague? Nah – This is SMOKE from Teague’s camp – late teens early 20’s or maybe, he should go back to Wake.

    JP @ http://www.nbadraftdaycountdown.com

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