Houston based De'Aaron Fox is an elite level point guard prospect who has shown vast improvement in a short time. With his combination of size, speed, athleticism and point guard abilities, he’s a highly intriguing prospect. Talk a little bit about how the event has gone.

De’Aaron Fox: It’s gone really well. It’s a lot different from last year at the LeBron camp. We’ve done beach workouts. We’re doing some different things here and doing things like soul cycle. It’s been really fun. This event’s been really good, because everyone is working really hard.
You mentioned the beach workout. Describe what that was that like.

De’Aaron Fox: It’s a lot different. We don’t really have beaches in Houston so that was something new to me. We did a lot of physical stuff, balancing and trying to push each other over, running and then it was a lot of carrying each other and trying to pull each other through the sand. And that was the high school and the college groups?

De’Aaron Fox: Yes. That’s right. Talk some about your game and how it’s developing.

De’Aaron Fox: I think I’m becoming a much better shooter this summer. I think I’ve improved a lot from last year. And the other thing is that I really take pride in my defense. Russell Westbrook is my favorite player and the way that he gets after it on the defensive end seperates him from other guards and that’s how I want my game to be. So your shot is the part of your game that you have focused most on improving?

De’Aaron Fox: Yeah that’s really key for me. I was always able to get my shot off, but I want to be a knock down shooter. As far as a college choice, what’s the most important factor in your decision?

De’Aaron Fox: Most important factor is probably playing time. You look like you’ve gotten stronger. What have you done to strengthen your body, getting in the weight room, diet etc?

De’Aaron Fox: I’ve been in the weight room a lot more. I hurt my thumb about a month ago which made it so that I couldn’t grip the bar, so I was doing push ups. How did you hurt it?

De’Aaron Fox: I went for a block at Pangos and hit it on the side of the backboard and I tore a tendon. You said Russell Westbrook is your favorite player. Any other guys that you really study their game or try to emulate?

De’Aaron Fox: I was always compared to Nick Van Exel. I try to be a student of the game. I always loved Tim Hardaway and his style and then Westbrook is just nasty with his playmaking. So just trying to take parts of different player’s games. What separates you from other players? What does a team get when they’re getting De’Aaron Fox?

De’Aaron Fox: My ability to play on the defensive end, I can play as athletic as anybody and just my ability to win is what separates me.


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