The CrossRoads Elite Invitational returned to Indianapolis and had plenty of talent on display. Here’s a rundown of some of the top prospects from the event that took place prior to the draft.

Asa Newell 6’9 205 PF – 2024

Newell (pictured) is a mobile lefty with a nice 3PT shot, showing a quick release and no wasted motion. He can handle the ball with solid ability and although he favors his left hand, he’s very good around the basket. Newell showed his athleticism throughout the camp with some impressive dunks. The defense couldn’t contest with his ability to get up at his size.

Jonathan Mekonnen 6’7 180 SF – 2024

Mekonnen stood out with his athleticism, getting up quick with multiple dunks and hit difficult shots at the rim when he didn’t finish with a jam, showing effective touch off the glass. Off the ball, he was very active, scoring and taking advantage of rim running opportunities. In the games I saw of him, he didn’t show much right hand, really favoring the drive and finish with his left. In addition to his offensive presence in the paint, he did show some shooting ability from 3 as well.

Darrion Sutton 6’9 170 SF – 2024

As a recent reclass, Sutton may have been the oldest player in the camp but he’s still a nice prospect with a lot of length and good athleticism. He had a great final day of camp, displaying impressive ball-handling and passing in the half-court, and always seemed to be in the center of the action. His defensive tools stand out at first glance, and he showed ability to lock in on that end. His jump shooting can be more consistent but he knocked down a few 3s.

Yves Missi 6’11 210 C – 2024

Missi is a major factor on both ends every time he’s on the floor. Defensively, he covers a lot of ground and protects the paint. He’s so quick off the ground, he displayed it as a shot blocker and had plenty of big dunks jumping from a respectable distance. He didn’t show a lot of finesse finishes and had some plays where tried to dribble too much when he should have given it up to a guard, but Missi had a huge weekend with his consistent motor and aggression.

Calvin Robins 6’5 185 PF – 2024

Robins had a lot of ridiculous dunks and is such an explosive athlete, playing much bigger than his size. His effort and aggression were on display every play he was on the floor, on the defensive end as well. His ability to seek out gaps in the paint to pro-hop then aggressively pop off the ground isn’t seen too often at this level. He didn’t show much offense outside the paint, but Robins was a huge impact.

Aaron Rowe 6’2 145 PG – 2025

Rowe had a nice showing, very good initiating the offense and showing instincts as a scorer and distributor. He’s good off the dribble with an effective crossover, getting to the rim or pulling up from midrange. He showed good speed and solid athleticism in the open floor. Rowe hit a fair share of outside shots to show capability from distance.

Darius Adams 6’4 150 PG/SG – 2025

Although not explosive, Adams is very smooth with the ball. He plays well off the dribble and finishes around the rim with either hand, also displaying scoring ability from the perimeter, knocking down shots all weekend long off the catch and dribble with proper arc and ball rotation. With good craft and creativity, Adams operated well in the paint and showed solid passing ability.

Jerry Easter 6’5 190 SG – 2025

Easter has a quick step with the ball, combined with long arms, and good athleticism, he was able to make his way and finish around the rim on a consistent basis. He didn’t hesitate to score with his left hand, and when he didn’t get all the way to the rim, he used his floater. He passed the ball well and was alert to hit the cutter or open man mid-attack. Although he was most successful attacking the basket, he can shoot from midrange and the perimeter as well.

Jasper Johnson 6’3 165 PG/SG – 2025

Johnson has a quick crossover and a herky-jerky style of play. The lefty can create space and utilizes his dribble-drive ability, but there were times he settled for outside shots rather than getting to the rim. He did show reliability with his floater. His jump shot wasn’t consistent, while he had plenty that beautifully dropped in to find the bottom of the net, he had some that fell short of the rim. He intrigues on the defensive end with his speed, length, and active hands. Coming from an athletic background with his father playing in the NFL, Johnson has some physically maturing/growing that will come in time.

Meleek Thomas 6’5 165 PG – 2025

Thomas has nice ball-handling ability he uses to create space, freezing the defense with an array of dribble moves to pull up into his shot on multiple occasions. His 3PT shooting was dangerous and he showed his clutch gene to hit a 3 at the buzzer to send his team into the championship game. Thomas is one of those gifted offensive players that instinctively makes something happen when the ball is in his hands; beating the defense with his dribble to score at the rim, good use of floater, or making the right pass when he isn’t scoring. Thomas played hard all weekend on both ends and anticipated well defensively.

Jalen Haralson 6’7 190 PG/SG – 2025

Haralson was great all weekend. He’s such an effortless athlete and natural talent, beating his defender fairly easily and challenging the help defender at the rim. Although he’s more effective slashing, he’s definitely capable of hitting shots from outside. His ability to fill it up as a scorer without shot hunting is exceptional. His playmaking was on display as well, very alert in drive and kick situations, knowing where all of his teammates are anytime the ball is in his hands.

Trent Sisley 6’7 185 PF – 2025

Sisley’s inside-out offensive game was on display, a nice blend of 3PT shooting and scoring in the paint. He has good touch inside, accurate with either hand in the crowded paint and he cleans up his own shot if he misses. He can dribble well for his size and age, with plenty of capability grabbing a rebound to start the offense and iso scoring in the half-court. Sisley’s very well-coordinated and a good athlete, running the floor and finishing above the rim at every opportunity.

Malachi Moreno 6’11 C – 2025

Moreno’s very mobile at his size and runs the floor well. He showed offensive ability inside and out, sometimes cleaning up in the paint while other times, showing his face-up from the perimeter. He showed solid versatility on the defensive end as well and impressed as a shot blocker. Moreno ended up sitting out towards the end of the camp with injury but was impressive in his showing.

Alier Maluk 6’11 180 PG – 2025

Maluk has intriguing tools and talent with his length, coordination, and skill set. He can dribble and shoot very well at his size. He did have tunnel vision at times, but he scored on a consistent basis and there wasn’t anyone who could stop him. Maluk is athletic as well, dunking at the rim and showing an impressive second jump when blocking shots and rebounding. He lacks strength and has a slight frame but his skills at his height separates him from the rest.


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