The measurements from Chicago provide a quantifiable look at players eligible for this year’s draft. And while it’s important to keep things in perspective:  player’s measurements don’t play basketball, a player’s height, wingspan and standing reach certainly aid in a player’s basketball abilities. With the official measurements being released, here’s our analysis of what it all means.

Official NBA heights are listed with shoes on. Our formula is to take a player’s barefoot measurement and add an inch. At that point if they have a measurement of .5 or .75 we round up, if they are .25 we round down, producing a round number.

Official NBA Draft Combine Measurements

Biggest Surprises:

Patrick Patterson measured in at a surprising 6’8 barefoot making him a legit 6’9 in shoes. With a 7’1.25 wingspan and a 8’11 standing reach, he has ideal size for a power forward. The big knock that teams have had on him was that he lacked the size to be a top 10 pick. Guess not. He has excellent size for an NBA power forward. His 240 lbs and 5.3 percent body fat are also very impressive, showing the right type of bulk. Could he go before DeMarcus Cousins? It no longer seems out of the question.

Luke Babbitt was another big winner. He measured a legit 6’9 with shoes on and has a 6’11.25 wingspan. He may in fact have the size to play either forward position.


Hassan Whiteside had the extremely impressive numbers at 6’10.5 barefoot with a 7’7 wingspan and a 9’5 standing reach. He also had an extremely impressive 5.5% body fat at 227 lbs. Considering his tremendous leaping ability, his length makes him very intriguing.

Larry Sanders tied Whiteside and Dexter Pittman with the biggest length to height ratio with a 8 1/2 inch differencial between his barefoot 6’9.25 height and wingspan 7’5.75. His 4.6% body fat was lowest among bigmen and fourth lowest overall.

Keith Gallon had another huge wing span in relation to his height with an 8 inch difference between his barefoot height 6’8.5 and wingspan 7’4.5. His 9’1.5 standing reach is remarkable for a 6’8.5 player. His 15.1 % body fat is disappointing but is actually surprising that it is lower than Cousins.

Ekpe Udoh was another in the line of condors with a 7 3/4 inch difference in wingspan to height. Udoh checked in with a (7’4.25) wing to (6’8.75) height.

Cole Aldrich‘s height measurement (6’9 barefoot) is a little disappointing but like Udoh, Aldrich has a 7 3/4 inch difference in wingspan (7’4.75) to height. His 9’3.5 standing reach is excellent for a center despite his lack of height.

Jarvis Varnado has a 7 1/4 inch differential. Varnado’s (7’3.5) wing to (6’8.25) height and 9’1.5 inch standing reach explains why he led the nation in blocks for 2 years in a row. His 9.5% body fat at 210 lbs however are disappointing figures.

Lance Stephenson‘s wingspan (6’10.5) is a full 6 inches greater than his height (6’4.5 barefoot). His 9.3% body fat needs to improve but he shows a solid physique at 227 lbs.

Dominique Jones measured in at a big 6’4 with a 6’9.25 wingspan. His standing reach (8’5) is 2 inches higher than 6’6 Jon Scheyer’s (8’3).

Wing forwards Al-Farouq Aminu 9’0.25 standing reach, Stanley Robinson, Devin Ebanks 8’11.5 standing reaches Paul George and Damion James 8’11 standing reaches, all have power forward length. Aminu’s incredible 7’3.25 wingspan is 8 inches longer than his height.

Terrico White and Manny Harris had the lowest body fat percentages at 3.7 and 3.8 respectively. White also measured well at 6’5 with a 6’9 wingspan. Excellent size for a point guard. His standing reach is just a half inch shorter than John Wall’s.

Xavier Henry measured well at a big 6’6 and a near 7-foot wingspan (6’11.25). And possibly most impressive was his 4.7% body fat (fifth lowest) at 210 lbs, very impressive for a player with such a strong upper body and chiseled physique.

Derrick Favors measured exceptionally well at a legit 6’10 with a 7’4 wingspan. At 245 lbs with just 6.5 % body fat speaks to his work ethic in relation to DeMarcus Cousins.

Daniel Orton measured well. Despite being under 6’9 barefoot, his 7’4.25 wingspan and 9’2.5 standing reach are excellent for a center. His 13.8% body fat at 269 lbs is disappointing but not surprising.

Avery Bradley had excellent numbers. He’s got a 6’7.25 wingspan at a legit 6’3 height and the third best body fat % at 4.0.

Size Matters

Hassan Whiteside, Solomon Alabi, Jerome Jordan and DeMarcus Cousins all had 9’5 standing reaches. Which means that they are just 7 inches from touching the rim while on the ground flat footed.

PGs with Length

Eric Bledsoe had the greatest wingspan in relation to height among the guards. His wingspan (6’7.5) is 7 1/4 inches longer than his barefoot height (6’0.25).

John Wall‘s wingspan (6’9.25) is 6 1/2 inches longer than his height barefoot (6’2.75). Being a legit 6’4 and weighing close to 200 lbs with a 5.6% body fat all help solidify his #1 pick status.

Armon Johnson‘s wingspan (6’8) is 6 inches longer than his height barefoot (6’2).


Both Trevor Booker and Luke Harangody have surprisingly high standing reaches at 8’10, which is just a notch below some players with much greater heights and wingspans. Their measurements are actually eerily similar. Booker is 6’6.25 barefoot with a 6’9.75 wingspan. Harangody is 6’6 barefoot with a 6’9.5 wingspan. Harangody outweighs Booker 240 to 236 while Harangody has a 11.1 body fat % while Booker has a 7.3 %.

Somehow Ekpe Udoh checked in with a (7’4.25) wingspan and (6’8.75) barefoot height, yet Udoh’s standing reach (8’10.5) is just a half inch greater than Booker and Harangody’s.


While DeMarcus Cousins length is absolutely jaw dropping at 6-9.5 in shoes with a 7’5.75 wingspan and 9’5 standing reach. Cousins was the shortest player with a 9’5 standing reach and came in third overall in wingspan to height ratio (8 1/4 inch difference). Unfortunately his 292 lbs and 16.4 percent body fat show that he hasn’t been putting any work in on his cardio. Cousins’ 16.4 % body fat was second only to Dexter Pittman’s and is alarming to scouts. Considering there are concerns about his attitude and willingness to work hard, this is an additional red flag.

Dexter Pittman actually looked like he was in shape during the combine. Looks can be deceiving. He came out with a 20.8% body fat, meaning that 1/5 of Dexiter Pittman is fat.

Evan Turner having just a 6’8 wingspan was a surprise. His arms appear to be longer, but his length is just 2 1/2 inches more than his (6’5.75 barefoot) height.

Jon Scheyer had the worst case of t-rex arms with a 6’4.75 measurement barefoot and just a 6’3.25 wingspan. His 8’3 standing reach is extremely low for a player that stands 6’6 in shoes (21 inches). Even Sherron Collins standing reach was 23 inches more than his height in shoes.

Sherron Collins is not only short (5’11) but he was the only combine participant with a sub 8-foot standing reach at 7’10. His 6’2.5 wingspan is decent for his height, however.

Greg Monroe has good length but had a surprisingly high body fat at 11.2%.

Official NBA Draft Combine Measurements


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