The 2024 NBA Draft does not have the same notoriety as past years, but one high upside prospect, Cody Williams, has emerged in the past few months and has taken over the pole position as the likely number one pick. And soon to be consensus number one projected pick. This is the second time that we were first to put him at one, And this time, it appears that he’s here to stay.

The following interview took place in Portland in April, 2023. We were able to get a good feel about what Cody is all about. Loyalty and winning are both extremely important to him ,and he’s a high character kid on top of the physical talents. Cody was the only player that I interviewed in Portland at the 2023 Nike Hoop Summit. Talk a little bit about Portland. Is this your first time here and what do you think of the city so far?

Cody Williams: Yeah it is my first time here. Nice change of pace. Little cloudier and rainier here. But so far I like it out here. What do you hope to get out of this event?

Cody Williams: Just experience. Exposure and playing against the best of the best. Playing with the best players in the country, against the best of the World. I come out here and I’m learning what I need to work on, what I do well, and be very coachable and kind of go from there. Your Brother, Oklahoma City Thunder wing, Jalen Williams, being in the NBA now, what advice has he given you to help you?

Cody Williams: Just to keep your head down and work. Every time you feel like taking a day off staying at home, watching Netflix, thousands of guys are behind you, working to get better. And all these guys, I know for a fact they’re not sitting around taking a day off. So it’s like, just always keep pushing to keep getting better. The more you work out, the better you get, and you play better. Just keep your head down, and don;t worry about the media. Stay focused and all the other stuff will work out. Coming to an event like this, what are the practices like, is there added pressure to have so many scouts in the gym watching you?

Cody Williams: Everyone here is used to scouts. They’ve been playing in front of high profile coaches their whole lives or at least through high school. So there really isn’t any added pressure. We all just came back from the McDonald’s game you know, playing against basically the same guys. For people that may have never seen you play before. Give a description of your game and what sets you apart.

Cody Williams: I’d say it’s smooth. Maybe at times it looks effortless, but I’m always trying my hardest, Very unselfish. I’m very versatile. I can handle the ball. I can run the offense. Throw it into the post. Main thing is very unselfish and very versatile. Do you see yourself as a point guard in the future?

Cody Williams: That’s my natural position. That’s what I played for my high school team even when I got to 6-8. But as I’ve gotten older I’m learning to play off the ball. I still have those skills but now I can shoot it plus run the offense. The added height helps with making skip passes. Do you have some favorite NBA guys that you pattern some of your game after?

Cody Williams: Right now not really but….Kevin Durant. I’m trying to figure out how he gets to his spots so well and just shoots over defenders. His whole career nobody has been able to stop his pull up so. I’m trying to learn that. Are you a big social media guy? Do you focus much attention to it?

Cody Williams: On Instagram some but but I rarely just sit and scroll on it. If I see my Brother post something I’ll go and like it. But I’m not really heavy on it. Has he given you advice on it, as far as posting much content or what not?

Cody Williams: He basically advises to stay away from it more than anything. I mean it’s a great marketing tool for the NIL stuff and for my future, but the basketball and development comes first. What do you like to do outside of basketball, and social media?

Cody Williams: To be honest I like to sleep a lot. Like 12 hours sometimes. Resting up between games. Other than like recovering I like to go bowling. That’s like my favorite hobby. So like bowling or going out to eat with friends. Now you’re at the same high school in Arizona (Perry High School) that you’ve been at your entire high school career.

Cody Williams: yeah I played there all four years there. Did you consider moving to one of the bigger National prep schools at any point?

Cody Williams: Not really, because I didn’t think I would get anything out of it. If I would get better competition out of it, but basicially I was playing the top guys with the club team all summer. So… Something to be said for loyalty.

Cody Williams: Yeah, it’s like I know I’ll be playing against all these guys no matter what so. It’s not like going to a prep school was going to get me more offers. I also wanted to enjoy my high school experience. Is being the number one pick something that you’re thought about. Is it important to you?

Cody Williams: I kind of forget about it, unless somebody brings it up. if it happens it happens. It’s not important to me, just because it’s so early. Who’s going to win the NBA Finals this year? (2023)

Cody Williams: Oklahoma City Thunder. That’s my pick Wow, talk about loyalty huh?  Who’s going to win the Hoop Summit this year?

Cody Williams: Team USA Ok, Just checking. Ok, And how important is it for you guys to win?

Cody Williams: Winning is everything. We don’t come all this way to practice twice a day and work hard just to lose. Coach said it. Nobody looks at how many you scored or the individual stuff. It’s whether you won the game. So that’s our one goal. That’s a great answer. I appreciate the time and really enjoyed the interview. Best of luck to you, Cody.


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