2011 NCAA Player Pool: Update

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 11:59am

2011 NBADraft.net: NCAA Basketball Fantasy Player Pick-Em

Three rounds of the NCAA Tournament are now in the books and Tyler has taken the early lead in the 2011 NBADraft.net’s NCAA Fantasy Player Pick-Em. Tyler’s team has accumulated 298 points and currently owns a 56 point advantage over the second place team chosen by Aran. Tyler’s team not only has the highest point total through three rounds, but his team also contains the most players still participating in the NCAA Tournament. His team is led by Brigham Young’s Jimmer Fredette, who leads the tournament in scoring with 66 points. Borko, the two-time defending champion suffered a couple of key losses in the round of 32 and is currently in fifth place.

The highest selected player to be eliminated is Purdue’s JuJuan Johnson. Johnson was the first selection in the second round and ninth overall. Johnson isn’t the only player selected in the second round to be eliminated: Ashton Gibbs (Pittsburgh), Ben Hansbrough (Notre Dame), Tu Holloway (Xavier) and JuJuan Johnson’s teammate E’Twaun Moore were also eliminated. The highest scoring player eliminated from the tournament is Jacob Pullen with 60 points. The lowest scoring players drafted onto teams through three rounds are Scottie Hopson (Tennessee) and John Selby (Kansas) each with four points. The most productive pick made in the final round was Jon’s selection of Richmond’s Kevin Anderson (39 points).

The highest scoring player not selected onto a team is Shelvin Mack (Butler). Mack is currently sixth on the scoring list with 45 points through three rounds of play. Five of the top ten and 30 of the top 64 current scoring leaders were not selected onto teams by our esteemed panel. However, of the 30 undrafted players only eight remain active in the tournament and four play for Virginia Commonwealth.

The teams are listed by rank with total points and a player-by-player breakdown also included.

* Players who have advanced into the Sweet Sixteen

1. Tyler 298

Players TP

Jimmer Fredette 66*

Harrison Barnes 46*

Tim Abromaitis 35

Derrick Williams 39*

Jordan Taylor 33*

Austin Freeman 10

John Henson 38*

Matt Howard 31*

Best Pick: John Henson

Worst Pick: Austin Freeman

2. Aran 242

Players TP

William Buford 36*

Ashton Gibbs 37

David Lighty 33*

Jacob Pullen 60

Chandler Parsons 17*

Preston Knowles 9

Rick Jackson 30

Deshaun Thomas 20*

Best Pick: William Buford

Worst Pick: Preston Knowles

3. Mike 236

Players TP

Jon Diebler 27*

JuJuan Johnson 41

Dwight Hardy 26

Tyler Zeller 55*

Billy White 28*

Tyshawn Taylor 23*

Frank Hassell 20

Mason Plumlee 16*

Best Pick: Tyler Zeller

Worst Pick: Frank Hassell

4. Jon 226

Players TP

Marcus Morris 33*

E'Twaun Moore 29

Jordan Hamilton 37

Ervin Walker 39*

Matthew Bryan-Amaning 22

DJ Gay 14*

Doron Lamb 13*

Kevin Anderson 39*

Best Pick: Kevin Anderson

Worst Pick: Matthew Bryan-Amaning

5. Borko 198

Players TP

Kyle Singler 24*

Ben Hansbrough 33

Jon Leuer 41*

Kenny Boynton 25*

Kris Joseph 24

Tristan Thompson 20

Tyrel Reed 14*

Malcolm Thomas 17*

Best Pick: Jon Leuer

Worst Pick: Tristan Thompson

T6. Adi 185

Players TP

Jared Sullinger 29*

Kawhi Leonard 37*

Terrence Jones 22*

Noah Dahlman 22

Kalin Lucas 11

Seth Curry 9*

Justin Harper 32*

Demontez Stitt 23

Best Pick: Kawhi Leonard

Worst Pick: Kalin Lucas

T6. Eric 185

Players TP

Nolan Smith 33*

Markieff Morris 39*

Isaiah Thomas 31

Reeves Nelson 28

Josh Selby 4*

Tyler Honeycutt 29

Scoop Jardine 15

Thomas Robinson 6*

Best Pick: Nolan Smith

Worst Pick: Josh Selby

8. Jeff 163

Players TP

Kemba Walker 51*

Tu Holloway 5

Brandon Knight 32*

John Jenkins 21

Brad Wanamaker 14

Scotty Hopson 4

Nikola Vucevic 11

Devon Beitzel 25

Best Pick: Kemba Walker

Worst Pick: Tu Holloway

Highest Scoring Players

J. Fredette (BYU) 66

J. Pullen (Kansas State) 60

T. Zeller (North Carolina) 55

K. Walker (Connecticut) 51

H. Barnes (North Carolina) 46

S. Mack (Butler) 45

B. Burgess (VCU) 44

J. Brown (Texas) 44

M. Dickey (UNC-Ashville) 43

B. Rozzell (VCU) 42

J. Johnson (Purdue) 41

J. Leuer (Wisconsin) 40

J. Skeen (VCU) 40

R. Moore (Temple) 39

K. Anderson (Richmond) 39

Mark. Morris (Kansas) 39

D. Williams (Arizona) 39

E. Walker (Florida) 39

M. Davis (Illinois) 39

J. Henson (North Carolina) 38

J. Rodriguez (VCU) 37

A. Gibbs (Pittsburgh) 37

J. Hamilton (Texas) 37

K. Leonard (San Diego State) 37

J. Fernandez (Temple) 37

JP Primm (UNC-Ashville) 36

W. Buford (Ohio State) 36

D. Johnson-Odom (Marquette) 36

J. Grant (Clemson) 35

T. Abromaitis (Notre Dame) 35

M. Johnson (UT-San Antonio) 34

D. Gibson (UT-San Antonio) 34

D. Bryant (West Virginia) 34

S. Gray (Gonzaga) 34

N. Smith (Duke) 33

G. Brown (Pittsburgh) 33

B. Hansbrough (Notre Dame) 33

D. Lighty (Ohio State) 33

J. Taylor (Wisconsin) 33

Marc. Morris (Kansas) 33

T. Hill (Morehead State) 33

E. Harris (Gonzaga) 33

J. Harper (Richmond) 32

B. Knight (Kentucky) 32

J. Mazzulla (West Virginia) 32

M. Howard (Butler) 31

I. Thomas (Washington) 31

A. Young (Clemson) 30

R. Jackson (Syracuse) 30

J. Lamb (Connecticut) 30

M. Lee (UCLA) 30

J. Smith (UCLA) 30

J. Harrellson (Kentucky) 30

J. Sullinger (Ohio State) 29

E. Moore (Purdue) 29

T. Honeycutt (UCLA) 29

Y. Gates (Cincinnati) 29

B. White (San Diego State) 28

R. Nelson (UCLA) 28

N. Robinson (Pittsburgh) 28

R. Bishop (Cincinnati) 28

J. Diebler (Ohio State) 27

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