After last week’s combine and athleticism testing, Derrick Williams has moved back into first on our mock draft. Here’s an updated look at our extended first round mock draft.

1.williamsDerrick Williams 6-8 248 SF/PF Arizona So.The Cavs have yet to settle on either Derrick Williams or Kyrie Irving but it’s possible they can have both. Owner Dan Gilbert has said he would love to see them grab Williams. He had a tremendous sophomore season in which he led Arizona to the Elite Eight including some standout NCAA tourney performances, in particular his domination of Duke in the Sweet Sixteen. DW has a big wingspan and plays with a high motor. His toughness playing through a broken pinkie and showing no ill effects was impressive. At this year’s draft combine, Williams showed that he has plenty of size and strength to play in the post at the NBA level and retains the same great agility that made him the most unstoppable forward in college basketball this year. If Cleveland considers there to be 4 elite level players available, taking Williams at 1 would leave their options open better than Irving. If they opted for Irving at 1, and Williams and Kanter go 2 and 3 as they should, the best player on the board would be Knight and they would then either have to go "Khan style" with 2 PGs, or reach for a forward such as Kawhi Leonard or Jan Vessely…Not sure how the Clippers explain to Blake Griffin that this pick was packaged (unprotected) in the trade that moved Baron Davis'(ill advised) contract and brought in Mo Williams. Just another example of why you never deal away an unprotected lottery pick.
irvingKyrie Irving 6-3 191 PG Duke Fr.The Cavs are looking to move up from 4 to 2 to nab what they consider the top two players in this year’s draft. But Minnesota isn’t likely to give this pick up cheap. They will listen to all offers and take the best one or keep the pick and take Williams or Kanter. With Kyrie projected here that’s projecting a team (perhaps Cleveland) moves up for the 2nd pick. Irving didn’t look the same coming back from the injury, but scouts expected that and he just needs time to round back into form physically. He’s got some Chris Paul to his game and a chance to be special. The injury and missing time is obviously a concern but there’s a lot to like about Irving’s potential.
kanterEnes Kanter 6-11 259 C Kentucky Fr.

The Jazz have said they will go for talent over need and a case could be made that they actually need a center more than a point guard after adding Devin Harris and with Mehmet Okur a free agent after next year. Kanter missed the entire season after being declared ineligible by the NCAA. He toyed with the USA squad at the Hoop Summit in April of 2010 putting up a record 34 points and 13 boards. He was one of the most dominant European players in the last 10-15 years on the junior levels (Rubio). His measurements and combine numbers also put to rest any doubts about his size and athleticism being at a quality level for an NBA center. O’Connor has been enamored with Knight for some time, but size still is at a premium in the NBA with so few quality 7-footers available each year.

knightBrandon Knight 6-3 177 PG Kentucky Fr.Knight is an absolute gym rat and a tremendous kid who will work hard on his game. It has become a PG dominated league and Knight has the size and speed to be a standout at the position. He may have some holes and take time to round into a complete point guard, but it’s hard to argue with opting for such a strong competitor and character guy here. A clutch shooter, Knight has go to ability with his quick first step and ability to create shots. Long rated at the top or near the top of his class, Knight has elite level speed and quickness for a player his size and is a prolific scorer with a killer instinct. Knight has a professional mind set, always looking for ways to improve his game and has worked extremely hard in the weight room resulting in a chiseled physique. An excellent end to the year guiding UK to the SEC title and 2 game winners in the NCAA tourney taking them to the Final Four has his stock on the rise. Knight showed surprising athleticism with a near 38 inch vert.
leonardKawhi Leonard 6-7 227 SF San Diego St. So.Leonard has impressed scouts with his developing perimeter game and all around athleticism. His jumpshot was considered a weakness during the season but has shown nice improvement while working out in Las Vegas at Impact Basketball. Toronto is certainly considering him with their pick at 5. They would love to see Brandon Knight slip to them here, but that may be a pipe dream. Kawhi is at his best slashing to the basket and crashing the boards. He’s got enormous hands and long arms and plays the game with hunger. His ball handling is underrated and he also displays the ability to find the open man and set up teammates. He’s an athlete with a high motor, two excellent attributes to build from.
veselyJan Vesely 6-11 230 SF/PF Czech Republic 1990The Wizards are extremely high on Vesely. He’s is ultra long and athletic and has the ability to play either forward position. He’s a tweener but a good tweener in the sense that he can create mismatches due to his size. He will need to add strength and could struggle some guarding on the perimeter due to lack of foot speed, but his incredible length and improving skill set make him a projected high lottery pick. He has had a strong end to the season for Partizan Belgrade after starting off slowly.
walkerKemba Walker 6-1 184 PG UConn So.Kemba Walker brings exactly the type of mental toughness and leadership that the Kings need to surround their young talented players (Cousins and Tyreke) with. Taking Kemba in the mid-lotto and turning him into a starting PG could be overly optimistic, but there’s no disputing the incredible impact he had on the college game this year. He had a sensational junior year leading the Huskies to the National Championship. Walker is a fearless warrior who wants the ball in his hands and delivers in key situations, as he proved all season. It will be interesting to see how his game translates to the the next level. He’s undersized and doesn’t have the freakish athleticism or defensive intensity of a Nate Robinson. But on the offensive end he’s like a mini-Iverson in some ways with his tremendous quickness and ability to get shots off using his crossover and step back. Skeptics wonder if he’s too much of a combo guard or if he really has the ability to run a team and make those around him better at the next level. Regardless, he’s certainly put himself in position to be taken in the mid lottery.
valanciunasJonas Valanciunas 6-11 240 C Lithuania 1992Detroit could end up moving this pick with a team trading up to grab Valanciunas for his upside. The young Lithuanian is a long ways from being NBA ready so even taking him at 8 could be a slight reach, granted he could land as high as Toronto at 5. Valanciunas is a legit center prospect with a huge wingspan and a high motor. He still needs to add weight and could have some trouble retaining his athleticism, but it’s hard to find many European scouts that are not enamored with his potential.
morrisMarcus Morris 6-8 230 PF Kansas Jr.Marcus Morris is more of a power forward, but has the versatility to also play some 3 which would be a welcomed addition for the Bobcats. One of the most polished, versatile and productive forwards in the country. Marcus has better range, touch and overall scoring ability than his larger brother Markieff. Morris is a solid athlete who can get by bigger, slower opponents off the dribble utilizing his versatility.
burksAlec Burks 6-6 193 PG/SG Colorado So.The Bucks are set at the PG position with Brandon Jennings. They could use a replacement for Michael Redd at the SG position however. He was one of the top performers in college basketball all season and is our top rated SG prospect. His versatility and ability to fill in at the point adds to his intrigue. He’s tremendous in the open floor, but struggles to beat elite athletes and get to the rim in the half court. A consistent outside shot remains the missing piece to his game. Has a very quiet personality/demeanor but is focused and driven.
motiejunasDonatas Motiejunas 7-0 224 PF Lithuania 1990Warriors current GM Larry Riley isn’t known for making risky picks so this could end up being more of a "safe" pick with less upside such as Markieff Morris. Motiejunas (who reminds some of Dirk Nowitzki) gives them offensive fire power and has come on late. He showed flashes and remains a special offensive talent with the ability to score both inside and out. Improving his strength and defense is key. He’s a finesse forward and will need to have a beast playing along with him as rebounding, defense and toughness aren’t his strong suit. Does he want to be great? Some scouts have concerns that he doesn’t have the drive/passion to maximize his vast potential.
fredetteJimmer Fredette 6-2 196 PG/SG BYU Sr.Fredette is a possibility to the Jazz at 12 and scoring as well as he did in the athleticism and agility testing has to put some of the defensive concerns to rest. If Utah opts for Knight at 3, they will most likely pass on Fredette, but taking Kanter at 3 and Fredette at 12 makes a lot of sense. Fredette would even give the box office a slight boost due to his great popularity in the Salt Lake area. Fredette’s incredible outside shooting will make him a player that can’t be left open at the NBA level. Fredette uses strength instead of quickness to create shots and always seems to be in rhythm. Teams are intrigued with him but also terrified with how he may struggle to handle the speed of the NBA game.
davisTristan Thompson 6-9 227 PF Texas Fr.The Suns continue to look for a legitimate replacement for Amare and Thompson has a lot of juice as a power forward with upside. Thompson measured a little small at 6’7.5 barefoot, but his huge 7-foot-1 wingspan helps him play bigger. He’s long and freakishly explosive with strong legs, making him an intimidating shot blocker. Thompson did a tremendous job shutting down Derrick Williams in their match up in the 2nd round of the tournament. He lacks much of an offensive game getting most of his points on dunks and may never be a huge scorer at the next level. Some scouts have questioned whether he will be the same without Cory Joseph pushing him every day. Thompson will likely need time to be a consistent contributor, but his upside could ultimately land him in the top 10.
biyomboBismack Biyombo 6-9 243 C Congo 1992The Rockets may be parting ways with Yao Ming and could look in the direction of another international center on draft day. Biyombo began playing at the senior level in the Spanish ACB league on January 9th. Since then he’s created a huge buzz about his NBA potential with the first triple-double Hoops Summit history, recording 12 points, 11 rebounds and 10 blocks. A tremendous shot blocker using his quick reflexes, length (7’7 wingspan) and explosiveness to protect the rim. Scouts are intrigued with him as you don’t often find a combination of his physical attributes along with his energy level and motor. The biggest question surrounding Biyombo is his actual age. He’s listed as being 18, but scouts feel he’s likely closer to 21-22. If he’s somewhere close to 20, he’s a likely lotto pick, but research into his true age could ultimately cause him to slide come draft night. If Fredette slides to them, he’s another option here.
15.tthompsonKlay Thompson 6-7 206 SG Washington St. Jr.No player in this draft resembles Reggie Miller more than Klay Thompson. The long, lanky 2-guard is an above average shooter who measured very well. Unlike many players in this year’s draft, Klay instantly has an NBA skill with his ability to shoot the ball. Very adept at coming off screens for shots. Lacks elite level athleticism but his length helps to make up for his lack of speed and leaping ability. Has a polished all around game. His marijuana charge at the end of the season isn’t considered to be a huge detriment to his stock.
morrisMarkieff Morris 6-9 241 PF Kansas Jr.The Sixers are looking to add a 4 in this draft and will hope that a player such as Markieff Morris falls to them. Morris would give them a Carl Landry type of PF to add depth. The Morris Twins have built a reputation for bringing intensity and toughness every time out. As long as no concerns arise about character, look for both twins to end up in or just outside the lottery.
singletonChris Singleton 6-9 230 SF/PF Florida St. Jr.The Knicks would love to add an eventual PG replacement and "mentee" for Chauncey Billups who really helped with Ty Lawson’s development in Denver. But will likely take the best player available here. Singleton is a player the Knicks are looking at as a forward with versatility and defensive ability. One of the nation’s elite defenders, Singleton was having a breakthrough junior season and getting lottery hype before breaking his foot. His shot improved, as did his his overall consistency. He wasn’t the same after returning, showing less ability to be an offensive factor, but should still find a place in the late teens to early 20s on draft night.
harrisTobias Harris 6-8 223 SF/PF Tennessee Fr.Harris is an upside pick who has been gaining steam lately as a top 15-20 pick. The Wizards are thinking long term with John Wall in the fold and Harris is one of the youngest players in the entire draft. There aren’t many freshmen, much less players in the nation with the polish and feel for the game that Harris possesses. Tobias can do a little of everything with good vision, passing and ball handling abilities. His offensive repertoire consists of spotting up from mid-range as well as deep and he also can post up and convert baskets in the paint. He also gets good extension at the rim. His body needs better definition and his lateral speed isn’t ideal. But he is an extremely bright kid with has a professional demeanor.
brooksMarshon Brooks 6-5 195 SG Providence Sr.Brooks proved to be a deadly scorer this year at Providence and a handful to guard with the ball in his hands. The Friar is being looked at by teams in the top 20 and would provide the Bobcats a nice wing prospect to groom for the future.
hamiltonJordan Hamilton 6-8 228 SG/SF Texas So.The Timberwolves are looking for immediate help and Hamilton should be able to offer that with his scoring ability. Jordan stepped up his level of play considerably as a sophomore. He made a wise decision returning for a second year. He displayed excellent shooting ability. His lack of quickness defensively is a concern and puts his ability to play the SG position in question. He is considered a slow 2 or a small 3.
lawalDavis Bertans 6-10 211 SF Latvia 1992Portland has had excellent luck drafting European "projects". They could use a point guard so Darius Morris and Josh Selby are options here. Bertans is the draft’s deadliest European shooter. Although he’s a few years away, he could be a very intriguing option to stash overseas with the uncertainty regarding next year’s season. Bertans impressed scouts with his feel for the game and desire on top of his tremendous shooting ability at the 2011 Hoop Summit.
fariedKenneth Faried 6-7 225 PF Morehead St. Sr.Faried is easily the best rebounder in the draft and would give Denver’s frontcourt a nice boost. Despite lacking much in the way of offensive skills, Faried’s freakish athleticism and relentless approach to rebounding is intriguing. He’s undersized at 6’8 but his wingspan and explosiveness allow him to play bigger. His shooting ability and offense are way below average. Regardless, scouts love his demeanor and passion for the game and see him as a potential top 20 pick despite his shortcomings.
morrisDarius Morris 6-4 190 PG Michigan So.After moving Aaron Brooks during the season, the Rockets find themselves weak at the PG position. Morris could be the only "pure" PG in the entire draft. A big point with excellent floor general abilities. He lacks great quickness but shows the ability to run a team and make those around him better. Morris is probably a little bit of a reach here, but teams really like his ability to pass and run a team.
honeycuttTyler Honeycutt 6-8 187 SF UCLA So.The Thunder had great fortune with their last UCLA pick and it’s possible Honeycutt is being undervalued by teams due to his lack of standout numbers this year. Tyler’s 33 point breakout performance opened some eyes as scoring 20+ is never easy in Ben Howland’s methodical offense. He cooled off the second half of the year, but showed enough potential to likely find a spot in the first round. He has surprising vision and passing skills for a SF and also possesses some ability to knock down shots off the dribble. Despite being slight of frame and having a perceived lack of toughness, Honeycutt crashes the boards hard.
thompkinsTrey Thompkins 6-10 239 PF Georgia Jr.A player who entered the season as a projected lottery pick has not gotten great reviews and finds himself fighting to stay in the first round. Thompkins is a highly skilled offensive player with a pretty jump shot and range out to college three. He doesn’t wow you with athleticism, but his skill level is that of an NBA vet. He never seems to be in a rush, very patient and level headed. He has struggled some this year without a playmaker setting him up, but remains a refined bigman with solid potential. Questionable motor and toughness, work ethic (15% body fat) have him sliding.
harperJustin Harper 6-9 228 SF/PF Richmond Sr.The Mavericks have a team that should be in contention for another couple years so adding a senior that can contribute something right away makes sense for them. Another quality shooter to help spread the floor for Dirk would only help. A late bloomer, Harper has solid athleticism and really thrives at facing the basket and knocking down shots.
selbyJosh Selby 6-3 195 PG Kansas Fr.Selby could come off the bench and play off the ball alongside Deron Williams. He’s a combo rather than a true point. Selby struggled to live up to his hype, but got caught in a situation where older players received playing time over him and could never get into the rotation. Similar to Jerryd Bayless, he’s an ultra-competitive kid who just needs to mature.
johnsonJeremy Tyler 6-10 262 PF/C Purdue Sr.This is a draft filled with mystery guys (Kanter, Biyombo, Valanciunas) but none is more enigmatic than Jeremy Tyler. From the age of 14, this was a guy who was expected to be a future top 5 pick. His path of most resistance has been well documented leaving for Israel after his junior year in high school and playing half of this season in Japan. He blew away the combine with incredible numbers including a 7-5 wingspan and a solid 33.5 inch vertical. His 13.4% body fat is high, but considering he’s been not playing in games for a number of months and that he’s a bigman he gets a little bit of a pass for that. With solid interviews, look for Tyler to sneak into the late first round.
johnsonKyle Singler 6-9 228 SF Duke Sr.While Singler’s combine athleticism numbers (30 inch vertical) didn’t help his cause, his feel for the game, skill level and toughness should make him a mainstay in the NBA for years to come. Playing the SF position, his lack of athleticism won’t be as big a factor as it might at other positions, and look for his shooting numbers to end up being better than what he showed this season. San Antonio has long been a place where lesser athletes can thrive playing alongside Duncan in their system. Duncan’s time left is fleeting, but Singler would give the team an instant contributor off the bench.
30.umackShelvin Mack 6-2 205 PG/SG Butler Jr.Mack could add the type of scoring punch off the bench that Chicago needs. He scored extremely well in the athleticism tests with an eye popping 39 inch vertical. Mack led Butler to back to back title games, putting up numerous clutch performances along the way. Is he a true point guard? No. Is he a clutch basketball player? One of the best in the country. He’s not a lock for the first round, but his stock wasn’t going to get any higher. He’s a Vinnie "Microwave" Johnson type who could be a valuable asset to a winning team with the ability to score clutch baskets. Mack vs. Nolan Smith is an interesting debate.


  1. I like that Phase ”Going

    I like that Phase ”Going Khan Style” ..Meaning having more than 1 of the same thing..

    So the next time someone ask me if i’m single i can say no”i go Khan Style….lol

  2. I said after the list of

    I said after the list of under classmen was release that this draft will have several trades involving 3 or 4 teams drafting in the lottery and it seems i might be right..

    In 2 years Jeremy Tyler might be the best player from this draft class..And with a weak class some team in the lottery might gamble on him…

  3. I absolutely think Tyler is

     I absolutely think Tyler is going to end up as a top 5 player in this draft and reminds me of a bigger Favors with a jump shot.

  4. I absolutely think Tyler is

     I absolutely think Tyler is going to end up as a top 5 player in this draft and reminds me of a bigger Favors with a jump shot.

    Didn’t Derrick Favors get drafted 3rd overall last year almost exlusively based on his physical profile and high school highlights?


  5. tyler is intersting but lie

    tyler is intersting but lie other players in this draft better than mack. maybe draft tyler and trade down and get someone like lighty or even liggins both very good guards

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