The week that Big Boi released his first album in 3 years: Big Boi – Sir Luscious Leftfoot Son of Chico Dusty. Stone groove. We release a first look at our Big Board for 2011, the top 100 prospects for the 2011 NBA draft.

Top 10 Prospects

1. Harrison Barnes 6-8 209 SF North Carolina Fr. — As the front runner for the #1 pick for 2011, Barnes will come into UNC and instantly be an impact guy who re-injects excitement into the UNC-Duke rivalry. Barnes has a sweet jump shot and the versatility to play positions 1-4. He projects as a 3 at the NBA level. His strong character and work ethic should allow him to continue to improve and develop after his NBA career begins.

2. Kyrie Irving 6-2 172 PG Duke Fr. — The main reason the Blue Devils could be even better in 2010-11 than they were last year in their championship season. Irving is extremely advanced showing an equal ability to score as distribute. Irving is a polished customer both on the court and in interviews and will be a top 5 pick when he enters. He doesn’t appear to be in any rush to leave and could conceivably be the top overall pick in 2012. But turning down the opportunity to be a top 5 pick will likely be difficult.

3. Enes Kanter 6-11 261 PF/C Kentucky Fr. — Kanter has long been a standout in European competitions, consistently dominating his age group. He recently measured a legit 6-11 (in shoes) 261 lbs and a 7-1 wingspan. The skill, toughness and shooting touch that he displayed in Portland at the Hoop Summit pushed his stock into the top 5 of this year’s draft. The one concern with Kanter are his knees. International scouts warn that he could have some issues that arise when NBA doctors examine him.

4. Perry Jones 6-11 230 SF Baylor Fr. — 6’11 players aren’t supposed to have the combination of speed and skills that Jones possesses, he’s "freakishly skilled". He’s absolutely oozing with potential – more than any player on this list. But all the hyperbole needs to be tempered by the fact that Jones still needs to learn to be a consistent night in night out competitor. If he develops a killer instinct, watch out because his talent is through the roof.  

5. Brandon Knight 6-3 185 PG Kentucky Fr. — Knight had a disappointing prep All Star game tour. He failed to play up to his abilities in any of the post season showcases although he did hit the game winning 3 pointer in the McDonald’s AA game. Knight is a bright kid with a professional demeanor. He’s extremely quick and shows a natural leadership ability. He’ll look to make it four years straight that Coach Cal has delivered a point guard into the top 5 of the NBA draft.

6. Jared Sullinger 6-9 286 PF Ohio State Fr. — Recently was weighed at 286 lbs at the Amare Skills Camp. Sullinger will need to drop some weight this summer in preparation for the season if he intends to be a top 10 pick in the 2011 draft. A highly skilled big man, Sullinger shows the ability to knock down the three ball and absolutely dominate foes in the paint. His skill set is similar to Kevin Love although he possesses less passing ability but more strength inside.

7. Trey Thompkins 6-10 247 PF Georgia Jr. — Our top returning NCAA player, Thompkins likely would have been a top 20 pick had he decided to enter the 2010 draft. He’ll team with the freakiest wing in the nation – Travis Leslie to make Georgia a formidable team in the SEC. Thompkins inside/outside offensive ability and size makes him an intriguing PF prospect.

8. Donatas Motiejunas 7-0 224 PF Benetton Treviso 1990 — Motiejunas struggled with some foot problems last season. He fell behind Vesely in hype, but has more long term potential due to his offensive skills. He’ll look to improve on his strength and defensive ability in his second season in Treviso.

9. Jan Vesely 6-11 230 SF/PF Partizan Belgrade 1990 — Vesely really established himself as a clutch performer in Paris playing for Partizan in the Final Four. His versatility to play on the perimeter at 6-11 is extremely impressive. Vesely will soon be the pride of the Czech Republic when he makes his mark at the NBA level.

10. Alec Burks 6-6 191 SG Colorado So. — Burks edges out William Buford for the final spot as well as the top shooting guard prospect for 2011. The maturity and versatility that Burks exhibited as a freshman was extremely impressive. Burks was overlooked in high school but blossomed into a consistent force and will look to build upon his tremendous freshman season.

2011 Big Board Top 100 Prospects



  1. Where is Selby? He SAID he
    Where is Selby? He SAID he was going to be one and done.
    Check it out- Via Espn (Jordan Brand Classic interview)

    The deciding factor for Selby was also coaching. He said Self can get him pro-ready.

    “They run an NBA-type offense with pick and roll and pick and pop,” Selby said.

    “When I get to the next level I don’t want to be looking around [thinking] this [system] is different. I’ll already know it.”

    Exactly how long will he be in Lawrence?

    “God willing one year,” Selby said. “But I have to get where I need to be.”

  2. Selby isn’t in the top 10
    No offense, but based on NBA potential, 6’3 combo guards are a dime a dozen. This is a high school class that has players like Barnes, Knight, Irving, Jones, Kanter, Sullinger, and they didnt even mention Tristan Thompson, Cory Joseph, CJ Leslie, Terrence Jones, and Fab Melo. These are guys from a intangible standpoint already have a physical advantage. And these are just his high school classmates! He’s going to have to show some real playmaking skill to get into the top 10.

    (Seriously, the point guard position in the league is going to be stocked for a while. Paul, Williams, Rondo, Curry, Rose, Wall, Westbrook, Jennings, Irving, Knight, Evans [more of a two but ok] maybe Rubio. All will be looking to make multiple all-star games.)

  3. no more then two years
    reasons why they should leave

    +The colleges make to much money off the athletes
    +Draft stock falls as we seen this past draft (scottie reynolds, Scheyer)
    +Not all these students athletes are rich they have to take care of family
    they need money

    no more then two years unless your a average big

  4. dannyg – I agree with your

    dannyg – I agree with your statements for the most part but those two examples aren’t very good. If Scheyer was ever going to get drafted it would have been this year and Scottie Reynolds was never getting drafted.

  5. sullinger is 286! wow. i love
    sullinger is 286! wow. i love the guys game but at only 6 foot 9(hopefully) he needs to drop about 25 to thirty pounds, imo. he needs to play at about 255 to 260.

  6. Josh Selby should be in the
    Josh Selby should be in the top three of that list. He will eat Alec Burks alive during big 12 play and those ratings will be changin quick.

  7. Shelby is a very good POINT
    Shelby is a very good POINT GUARD. In the mold of Steve Francis. I’m pretty sure most of y’all havnt seen him play except the allstar game. The guy can score alot so some think he’s a sg. The kid could always pass and actually gets more ast then Irving even though Irving had a much better supporting cast. Yet another very good player in the long line of Maryland (hometown) players

    Also how can u not have Tobias Harris up there vhes more talented the just about everyone on there and is a half of a half a step behind barnes

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