The fourth and final day in Portsmouth was capped off by a highly competitive championship match that featured the two remaining undefeated squads, K&D Rounds & Landscaping and Roger Browns.

In what was by far the most intense and well played game of the week, K&D defeated Roger Browns 86-78 in front of a respectably sized crowd at Churchland High School.  Wisconsin’s Trevon Hughes connected on 7-14 shots including 3-5 from three en route to a game high 21 points for the winners, with Donald Sloan, Rodney Green, Ryan Wittman and Marquis Blakely all finishing with double figures.

Osiris Eldridge paced the tournament’s runner-ups with 20 points – 16 in the first half – and Raymar Morgan had 19.  Point guard Jerome Randle was hounded all night K&D’s bigger guards and couldn’t  match his stellar play in the two games previous, finishing 9 points and 6 assists on 6 turnovers.

The game was hard played, physical and entertaining from the start, highlighted by several thoroughly satisfying blocks and dunks.  With both teams extremely focused on getting a win, the game was hotly contested throughout and unlike the disorganized up and down play that these type of Draft showcases tend to develop into, the championship was played as a real game, which was enjoyable to see.

Despite the loss, Randle’s excellent overall performance was enough to capture the tournament’s Most Valuable Player award.  The Pac-10 Player of the Year’s signature three point accuracy and clever play-making ability was on full display, showing excellent command and leadership on the floor as well.

In all, Randle finished with per-game averages of 12 points and 8 assists on 53% shooting and 36% from the arc.

After the game, was able to catch up with the 2010 PIT MVP, Jerome Randle, for a few questions. Jerome, I know you didn’t get the win today, but you did pick up the tournament’s MVP award.  How does it feel?

Randle: I’m always happy about getting individual awards, but most importantly I really wanted to go out and get the championship for my team.  I was a little under the weather, I wasn’t feeling good at all and they kind of took advantage of that.  But, I’m happy about the way we handled adversity.  A lot of guys probably didn’t think we were going to win a lot of games, but we played together as a team and I was really happy about that. Today’s game was definitely the most competitive of the week.  This being the third game in three days for you, what was it like to play with this type of sustained intensity on the last day?

Randle: Oh, it is tough. Playing three games in three nights is really tough. I’m used to playing two games a week, but coming in and playing against tough guys from all over the country, that’s big. I thought our team handled it pretty well. What were you most pleased with about your performance this week?

Randle: Just getting my teammates involved. The best thing is I feel that all my teammates really liked playing with me and that’s the most important thing for a point guard. To have your teammates liking to be on the floor with you, and to have everyone in double figures every game, I’m happy about that and I feel like I did my job. And it must have been nice to have a teammate (Theo Robertson) with you this week.

Randle: Definitely. Theo Robertson, I feel is one of the best 2-guards in the country.  Him being here and supporting me, that means a lot to me. Going forward with the Draft coming up in June, what parts of your game are you going to be working on?

Randle: Everything.  I can improve in every aspect of my game.  That’s what I’m going to work on.  Especially getting stronger and decision making, just getting smarter out there on the floor.
Thanks a lot, Jerome. Good luck with everything.

Randle: Thanks.

*Make sure to check back for a final wrap up on the 2010 PIT, with a break down of the top prospects.



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