With the draft less than 24 hours away, here is our final extended mock draft:

John Wall 6-4 196 PG Kentucky Fr.
John Wall is the real prize of this year’s draft, and while there’s some debate over whether he’s talented enough to really be a team’s savior, he certainly has a chance to turn around the Wizards. This organization appeared headed for destruction until the lottery gods threw them a life boat.
Evan Turner 6-7 214 SF Ohio St. Jr.
Turner offers the safest and most NBA ready option available for the Sixers, two things that are music to GM Ed Stefanski’s ears. Turner’s ability to "fit in" will allow him to thrive and help to improve the Sixers instantly.
Wesley Johnson 6-7 210 SF Syracuse Jr.
The Nets appear to be willing to gamble that they can add one of the top free agent power forwards (Nowitzki, Bosh, Amare, Scola) during the summer. Johnson adds more to the team right away, and for a team with a new owner that is looking to instantly change the culture of losing within the organiztion, Johnson makes sense.
Derrick Favors 6-10 245 PF Georgia Tech Fr.
Despite offending Favors and his agent Wallace Prather Jr. with comments he made after his workout alluding to the fact that he was out of shape, team President David Kahn will take Favors here. Favors may ultimately overtake both Turner and Wes, as his potential is boundless. The Wolves appear to have lucked into an excellent talent, despite it not being the guy they really wanted (Johnson). Assuming they keep Kevin Love, a Favors-Love combination should work well together with sheer athleticism matched with skill, not to mention it sounds a lot like "Flavor of Love," of TV fame.
DeMarcus Cousins 6-11 280 PF/C Kentucky Fr.
According to sources Cousins is a lock to go 5th. When talking to scouts, Cousins is either going to be the next Benoit Benjamin (a bust) or an All-Star. He certainly has the talent, but we’re skeptical that he will have the drive to realize his vast potential. Sacramento is a solid organization with an excellent GM and a "quiet’ town where Cousins can hopefully stay out of trouble. But as some scouts have warned, "He’ll find it."
Ekpe Udoh 6-10 237 PF Baylor Jr.
There is still some debate over whether the Warriors will take Monroe, but his workout with the team received poor reviews. Monroe lacks the athleticism to shine in workouts but would be a better choice than Udoh. Udoh is a reach taken this high. After struggling to stand out in 2 years at Michigan, the 23-year-old was surrounded by quality teammates. Playing in a wide-open system at Baylor, he flourished. Was he a one-hit wonder, or will he be able to have the same success offensively at the NBA level? There are also rumors that this pick will be involved in a package trade.
Ed Davis 6-9 220 PF North Carolina So.
According to sources, Joe Dumars has given Ed Davis a promise at No. 7 overall. Davis was projected as the No. 2 pick for this draft a full year ago. He offers a lot of upside but also some risk after missing the final months of the season to a wrist injury. He has not looked sharp shooting the ball in workouts, likely affected by the injured wrist.
Al-Farouq Aminu 6-8 218 SF Wake Forest So.
The Clippers taking Aminu is beginning to look like one of the draft’s certainties. Barring a trade, it’s unlikely that he goes higher than their pick, and even though they love Babbitt, Aminu is said to be at the top of their list of small forwards.
Luke Babbitt 6-9 218 SF/PF Nevada So.
The Jazz may be letting Andrei Kirilenko go this summer and appear ready to part ways with Carlos Boozer, as well. Babbitt has the versaility to play either forward spot, although he appears to be more of a natural 3. The Jazz are said to be extremely high on him.
Greg Monroe 6-11 247 PF Georgetown So.
Larry Bird appears to be actively shopping this pick. The 10th pick seems to have become more valuable as it appears there’s a good chance that Greg Monroe could be available here. Monroe has the type of skills that should allow him to fit in anywhere.
Paul George 6-9 214 SF Fresno St. So.
Paul George figures to go between Nos. 8-13. He’s a virtual lock to go in the lottery, which is surprising considering before the year, some scouts didn’t even have them on their radar. George is a high/risk reward pick who likely won’t pay immediate dividends but his long term potential is among a small handful at the top of this year’s draft class.
Patrick Patterson 6-9 240 PF Kentucky Jr.
Patrick Patterson is one of the true sleepers of this year’s draft and one of the only locks have a quality NBA career. Perhaps because he was forced into a complimanetary role behind Wall and Cousins, teams are sleeping on him. He was invited to the green room, but it isn’t expected that he will get his name called until late in the lottery.
Cole Aldrich 6-11 250 C Kansas Jr.
The Raptors worked out Aldrich on Tuesday, and he’s one of the players they are strongly considering with their pick. Aldrich would give the Raptors a solution at the center position, something they have struggled to fill over the past few years playing Andrea Bargnani and Chris Bosh, who may be gone via free agency, together in the front court.
davisGordon Hayward 6-8 211 SF Butler So.
Jimmy Chitwood… err Hayward has really surprised people with quality workouts after such an impressive season leading Butler to an improbable run to the title game. He received a green room invite and stands a good chance shot to get taken between 11 and 15. He sort of duplicates what Chase Budinger brings to the table, but shooters are always in high demand.
Xavier Henry 6-6 220 SG Kansas Fr.
The Bucks have been extremely active already putting deals together to bring in Corey Maggette. Xavier Henry would be an excellent value for them at 15. They are extremely high on Lance Stephenson, but it appears unlikely that they would pass up the more highly rated 2-guards such as Xavier Henry, Avery Bradley and James Anderson to take him.
Avery Bradley 6-3 185 SG Texas Fr.
Bradley got a long look from the Raptors at No. 13, but in the end, he will likely be taken just outside the lottery. The Timberwolves could look to go big again here, but will most likely be able to grab a second big man at No. 23, so taking a talented guard such as Bradley makes sense. The Wolves are extremely high on Paul George but not high enough to take him at 4. He won’t be available here, so their only shot at him will be to package their picks to move into the lottery.
ebanksJames Anderson 6-6 208 SG Okla.St. Jr.
The Bulls would like to find a running mate in the backcourt for Derrick Rose and are said to be high on James Anderson. Anderson would offer the team a shooting guard with the ability to contribute right away, which is just what a playoff team can use.
whitesideDaniel Orton 6-10 269 PF Kentucky Fr.
After moving up to the 18th pick, the Thunder are well positioned with three mid-first rounders. Entering the draft without an agent, reports are numerous that Orton is falling like a rock, possibly into the second round. His decision to shut down workouts is beginning to appear to be a big mistake — something that cost DeAndre Jordan dearly back in 2008. But based on the level of interest in him, we find it hard to believe that he will fall much further than Nos. 20-25. Oklahoma City, Boston, San Antonio and Memphis are all possibilities for him. Indiana is another team showing interest in him, but that scenario would likely mean obtaining a pick in this range to select him.
bledsoeEric Bledsoe 6-1 192 PG Kentucky Fr.
The Celtics could use a replacement for Sheed and someone such as Craig Brackins would make sense here. There’s also a chance the pick will be moved. Similar to the way New Orleans used their first rounder on a point guard last year in collison and now have a valuable chip, Bledsoe would also provide an athletic back up for Rajon Rondo.
sandersLarry Sanders 6-10 222 PF VCU Jr.
The Spurs could use some defensive help inside, and with a 7-foot-7 wingspan, Sanders has the length to disrupt things defensively in the paint. Tim Duncan is still effective offensively, but having a player like Sanders to relieve him of defensive duties would help to keep him fresh at the end of games.
elliottKevin Seraphin 6-9 263 PF/C France 1989
Seraphin is said to have a promise in the early 20s. It has been speculated to be San Antonio, OKC or Portland. Although his agent would like him to play in the NBA next year, his inability to play summer league will make that more difficult. After all, the team that drafts him holds the cards on that decision.
elliottElliot Williams 6-4 180 SG Memphis So.
Williams has long had a rumored promise at 20 with San Antonio, but there are questions about those reports. Williams missed the combine due to a supposed injury prompting speculation that he had a promise in the late first round. That buzz appears to have dissipated some. However the Blazers are now the team said to be targeting Williams and could use their 22nd or 34th pick on him.
Hassan Whiteside 7-0 235 C Marshall Fr.
Whiteside has the talent to be a lottery pick and could get some looks at 14 with Houston. He lacks maturity and has not had a great workout tour. He is a player that wont bring much right away and will be drafted on upside. For a team with multiple picks and a need for a shot blocker such as Minnesota, he makes perfect sense.
brackinsCraig Brackins 6-9 229 PF Iowa St. Jr.
The Hawks are said to be looking for a wing that can hit shots. Brackins isn’t exactly a wing, but he can shoot the ball. Other options here include Willie Warren, Dominique Jones and Terrico White.
armonArmon Johnson 6-3 190 PG Nevada Jr.
The Grizzlies are in need of a point guard and after likely taking a forward at 12 (Patterson, Hayward or George), they should have their choice among a number of PGs here. Bledsoe could be gone, but Armon Johnson, Terrico White and Willie Warren all stand an excellent chance of being available.
ebanksDevin Ebanks 6-8 208 SF WV So.
Ebanks has become a hot name of late with a number of suitors, including Toronto, that would like to acquire a first rounder to nab him. There’s a good chance a team will try to move into the 16-21 range for a shot to grab Ebanks. the T-Wolves could also look to grab him at  No.16.
lawalGani Lawal 6-9 233 PF G.Tech Jr.
Lawal could actually fall into the seconed round, a sign of just how deep this year’s draft is. New Jersey would have a tremendous draft by getting Johnson at No. 3 and following that up with such a quality pick like Lawal at No. 27.
jamesDamion James 6-7 227 SF Texas Sr.
Damion James here at No. 28 would be a much better option for Memphis than Demarre Carroll was at No. 27 a year ago. James similarly is stuck between positions but has much greater athleticism and defensive ability. Lance Stephenson is a possibility here as well.
Dominique Jones 6-4 216 SG Florida Int. Jr.
For a contending team, Jones makes sense as a ready to contribute draft pick. He could challenge J.J. Redick in the role of scorer, with less shooting ability but more defense and strength. Redick could also be gone.
30.tJordan Crawford 6-4 195 SG Xavier So.
Crawford will look to take his game to the NBA and become known for being more than just the guy that dunked on LeBron James. Crawford is also known for having a questionable attitude, but there’s enbough interest in him that he could find a spot in the end of the first round. Crawford’s ability to bring instant offense gives him a real attribute to hang his hat on that some of the other small guards in this class are lacking.


  1. i stopped having any respect
    i stopped having any respect for this article after they called benoit benjamin a bust. how is the man a bust? 16 ppg, 10 rpg with like 3 bpg? looks like a decent line. sure he’s not the greatest big man, but he was far far from being a bust.

  2. There is a reason Stephenson
    There is a reason Stephenson is dropping, it is because he is all flash and no substance. He is no way ready for the NBA. He is all about himself and has too many flaws to start

  3. i wouldnt fault the nets for
    i wouldnt fault the nets for taking wes or favors because honestly, Yi is horrid, and they dont really have a small forward on their roster capable of producing solid numbers so it wouldnt be wrong to go with either

  4. T Wolves Draft
    I honestly think there is no way T wolves spend 2 1st roundd draft picks on big men. They have Love Jefferson and rumour is they thing Darko has all star talent.

  5. Detroit Pistons
    I really hope the Kings drafting cousins at 5 is just a smoke screen because i think he would be the perfect player for the pistons. The pistons organization and Joe Dumars especially know how to deal with headaches. I think if Johnson isnt available at 4 the T wolves might be looking to trade down to 7 cuz they are high on George.

  6. benoit benjamin love!
    he was drafted too high, but he wasn’t exactly a bust averaging 11.4/7.5 w/ 2 blocks a game @ 50% shooting lifetime

    he was kind of a sloth on the court, however, and never seemed too bright or motivated to excel

  7. This draft is deep with
    This draft is deep with talent, so a lot of guys that would be late 1st kinda guys, could easily slip into the second round. I bet NBA gm’s love that. They want as much kids putting their names in as possible so that there is a much larger draft pool, and you can potentially get players with talent in the 2nd round, and have their contracts non-guaranteed while paying them virtually nothing.

  8. Stephenson
    Does anyone else think the Nets take Stephenson with their second first round pick? Lance Stephenson is from Brooklyn I believe and the Nets are moving there eventually. Harris, Stephenson, Williams, Favors, and Lopez sounds good to me. Add in a free agent or two and the Nets are playoff contenders.

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