Terrico White Interview

Wed, 06/23/2010 - 4:21pm

By Ryan Reed & Rashad Smith Coming out of high school you were known as a scorer. You then moved to the 1 spot in your freshman year and then back to the 2 in your sophomore. Which position do you feel most comfortable playing?

Terrico WhiteTerrico WhiteTerrico White: I feel more comfortable playing the point guard position. You like having the ball in your hands, making decisions?

TW: Yeah I do I read that you model your game after Dwyane Wade. What do you like about his game?

TW: The way he attacks all the time. He’s just always on. Are there any other NBA players you have taken things from or try to imitate?

TW: No, not really. What aspect of your game do you think you need to improve the most to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself in the NBA?

TW: Just being more aggressive, be more assertive. I want to improve my ball handling and my shooting ability, that’s about it. What part of your game do you feel is the most NBA ready?

TW: Probably my scoring ability. I think I can score the ball really well. Was leaving Ole Miss after just 2 years a difficult decision for you?

TW: No, not really. I just sat down after the season and talked to my coach and my family about it and my family felt it would be best for me to move to the next level. Was part of that decision thinking that your game is more suited to the pro game?

TW: Yeah, pretty much, yeah. Your alley oop against Memphis in the NIT was a pretty spectacular moment. Was that just a teaser for what you are planning on doing in the NBA?

TW: Yeah it is. Just a tease of what you’ll see next year. Do you think your physical testing opened a lot of NBA team’s eyes?

TW: Yeah it really did. I was just a little bit behind John Wall but my vertical was really high so I think it helped me a lot. Your brother Shun signed an entry level deal with the Patriots. If you would have chosen football instead of basketball how far do you think you could have gone with that career?

TW: I probably could have made it to the pros too. My dad was a running back but I played quarterback and I really had a good arm What did you take away from playing on the U-19 USA Team?

TW: Just being around guys who were really more experienced just taught me a lot. Where do you feel you rank in comparison to the other guards in the draft?

TW: In the top 5 for sure. Do you think some teams are sleeping on you right now?

TW: Yeah I think they really are. In your workouts have there been players that you have seen regularly and if so which ones have you competed against the most?

TW: Yeah, I think the one that I faced the most was probably like Jordan Crawford, Dominique Jones. Those were the ones I faced the most. Since your last college game what are the areas of your game that you have improved the most?

TW: Probably my ballhandling. Last question, is there anything you want to say to your fans who will read this on

TW: Just watch out for me in the 2010/2011 season….watch out!

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