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Wendell Carter gets some votes from scouts for "safest pick". With just two days before the draft, here is an updated look at the Mock with explanations for each pick. >> read more
Marvin Bagley III heads the list of top 10 power forward prospects for this year's draft. >> read more
The final edition of this year's series focuses on Miles Bridges, including the fickle nature of "draft stock." >> read more
Jerome Robinson is one of the top overall shooters in the draft and is on the rise. A look at the top 10 shooting guards available. >> read more
Michael Porter Jr. likely would have been a top 2 pick had the one and done rule not been in place. After an injury riddled season, he's the draft's biggest wildcard. A look at the top 10 SFs available. >> read more
Luka Doncic could be an interesting option for either Memphis at 4 or Dallas at 5. A look at the team needs in the Southwest. >> read more
Collin Sexton is among the most competitive players in this year's draft. Volume nine, Nick Prevenas breaks him down from a situational standpoint. >> read more
Today the NBA released the list of 12 International prospects remaining and the 43 that withdrew from this year's draft >> read more

Which team will have more first rounders?: