0 - DeAndre Ayton


  • Birthday: 7/23/98
  • NBA Position: Center
  • Class: HS Senior
  • Ht: 7-0
  • Wt: 250
  • Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas
  • High School: Hillcrest







































































































































NBA Comparison: David Robinson

Strengths: Seven footer with great coordination and fluidity … Great size and length. Runs the floor well with great agility. Good strength level at this stage as well as body frame. Very good footwork … Can score from every spot on the floor. Shoots well from three with great rotation on his shot. Good free throw shooter, shot 82.1% over the Nike EYBL … Great athlete. Can play above the rim and is a very reliable finisher. Great rebounder on both ends of the floor. Secures any rebound he can get a hand on. Great shot blocker and protects the paint. Does a great job of knowing when to leave his feet and when to stay on the ground to avoid fouls. Very good defender. Hedges screens and moves his feet well. Reads and jumps passing lanes incredibly well … Sees the floor well. Constantly communicates and directs traffic on offense and defense. Has great awareness, understands game plan and reads the game well. Knows where he’s passing before he receives the ball. Plays a great high/low game when paired with another big man. Knows how to run the pick and roll/pick and pop … Unselfish and patient offensively … Has a solid foundation for a back to the basket game. Good touch on jump hook and very accurate around the rim … Isn’t afraid of physicality and plays well through contact … Constantly attracts the defense’s attention. Reads double teams well … Good ball handling and passing ability for his size … Doesn’t have any major weaknesses …

Weaknesses: Tends to settle for jump shots and roams to the perimeter at times. Can assert himself better as he can go through the motions. Sometimes goes through stretches where he isn’t involved with the offense … His jump shot is flat and doesn’t have ideal arc, most of his misses tend to take hard bounces off the rim … Post game is developing but still needs polish, doesn’t have any go to moves … Needs to understand playing aggressive without wearing emotions and picking up frustration fouls … Can get ahead of himself and mishandle passes … Can play with too much finesse when he has a mismatch and should be more physically dominant with his superior size and athleticism … With his coordination and athleticism I would like to see him put the ball on the floor and drive more, rather than just jab step and shoot … As an elite level high school bigman, the focus is always to challenge himself as there are plenty of nights where the competition level allows for complacency ...

Outlook: Ayton is a high level talent who possesses incredible potential. He averaged a double-double in the Nike EYBL with 19.5 points and 11.5 rebounds per game while shooting 60.2% from the field. When he stays engaged and plays at his best, he can’t be matched and can very well be the number one pick in the 2018 NBA Draft.

Evan Tomes 8/12/16

Strengths: Bigman with immense potential due to a great combination of physical attributes and a strong focus and mental make up ... A phenom who at 16 could already be a high level player at the college level ... Has great size and a prototypical bigman's frame, but what really separates DeAndre from the rest at this point is his footwork, absolutely sensational for a kid of his size ... His elite athleticism and coordination allows him to finish in traffic, controlling his body in a way that made the NBA scouts (at the LeBron James Skills Academy) fall completely in love with him during the summer ... He plays with a great motor, outrunning other bigs, has a good touch on free throws and shows glimpses of things he will be able to do once his body fully develops ... Defensively he is a great rim protector, sometimes a little lazy on rebounds, but it’s very tough to score on him and even better is his defense on P&R, with his feet he would be every coach dream to have ...

Weaknesses: It remains to be seen whether DeAndre is ready to be this good this early ... So many young bigman preps in the internet age have peaked (at 15-16 years of age) and as soon as the hype hit, their development halted (Renardo Sydney, Derrick Caracter, Jeremy Tyler, the list goes on) ... How well Ayton and his group of advisors are able to keep the distractions out, and continue his progression towards becoming a pro, will be crucial ... The media attention is just beginning and losing the ability to be a kid at such a young age is difficult ... It will be important for Ayton to learn how to say no, and develop the right work habits and learn what to focus on on a day to day basis maximize his abilities ... Offensively he still has a lot of room for improvement, he takes advantage of his size and explosiveness, but will need to improve skills ... Struggles some against players his size that are stronger than him as he doesn’t have many moves yet in the post ... He still doesn't always impact the game offensively (facing juniors and seniors) but I have no doubt he can become an impact player at the highest level. His current weaknesses are very much related to his immaturity and lack of experience in how to guard post players and avoid stupid fouls ...

Outlook: The biggest challenge for him starts now, he needs to understand his ceiling and live his life like a normal teenager (as much as possible) but with his future goal well in mind, and use every day to improve and maximize his abilities ... If he can accomplish that, we're quite possibly looking at the #1 pick in the draft in 4 years ...

Notes: Measured 7'0 (in shoes) 220 lbs, with a 7'4.5 wingspan at the 2014 LeBron James Skills Academy ...

Rick Fois 9/25/14

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