wayne selden

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wayne selden

i really like this kids game a lot. his game reminds me of a young wade, before wade started to fall off some, back when wade was constant attack and always hungry for contact, and the second best 2 guard in the league. selden is constantly on the attack, has a great body for a high school kid. he has a legit wingspan for a guy who is either 6-5 or 6-6( im thinking more 6-5). he has a 6-10 wingspan which is significant. from what i have seen he has no trouble carrying his muscle, and has a great first step, and can already create his own shot pretty easy. also from what i have seen he already has a eurostep. the only thing i think he needs to do is make people fear his jumper the way they do him slashing to the lane and he will be pretty complete on the offensive end. also this guy is a monster athlete and a pretty good, not great passer for a 2 guard. i think if there was not so much talent at small forward in the 13 class, he would be a top 5 guy. he will be playing for a great coach next year in bill self whos system i think fits him. look out for kansas in 13-14.

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Kansas was a great choice for

Kansas was a great choice for Selden. Just look at how far McLemore has come under Self. He's such an underrated teacher, which is something I think blue chip recruits overlook when they select a school.

Selden has just about all the physical tools you would want for a SG but he is lacking one thing and that's a great first step. He's gonna have to improve his handle and shot to compensate for that. Getting fitter will help as well. Not calling him fat or anything, but I think he's a little too bulky for the SG position. Instead of strength training, I think Kansas' trainers should focus more on flexibility and agility with Wayne.

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