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Erick Green. Gamestyle: Rusell Westbrook.
Nasty midrange pullup game. fast on the break and draws as he draws contact at will. he take his and still manage to crazy floaters.
He's 6'3. Hes being a bit overlooked here, he's still young look at his age. The dude has been a scoring machine this season, if he gets a bit more range in his jumper IDK what'ss gonna happen!?!!

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Dude, just stop with your

Dude, just stop with your insane comparisons. Russell Westbrook is 1000% more athletic than Erick Green.

Only thing they have in common is they are 6'3. You're just silly.

A good NBA comparison for Erick Green would be Tim Pickett from Florida State from awhile ago. Tim didn't stick in the NBA (only played summer league), but their games are similar. I don't know if Erick Green will be able to crack a rotation in the NBA, such as Pickett.

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I liken him a lot to Marcus

I liken him a lot to Marcus Thornton, but I doubt he'll have that perfect scenario in which he'll drop 20 a game for a year. That being said, I think he could carve out a role as a bench player, but there are a lot of 22-26 year old 6'3" combos out there to compete with. Comparing a 2nd rounder to a top 10 player in the league is just too far. If he can carve out some minutes in his 1st two years, I do think he'll stick, though.

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I knew a lot of people would

I knew a lot of people would compare him to Thornton...and there are similarities. I think Green has more upside than Thornton though because I think he is more well rounded. I dont think he is as explosive a scorer as Thornton (and that could keep him from being as good) but I think he could be more well rounded. He has a solid mid-range game. Green is a guy who could play PG in the NBA but it would appear that he cant because he scores so much for VT. 25ppg on 48% shooting is impressive enough, but he also averaged 4apg to go with that. So Green does pass. (Thornton is a relentless chucker) Alas, I do agree....his success hinges on finding the right situation.

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I like

The Marcus Thornton comparison also. I don't think his driving game is as good but yes Marcus Thornton is a excellent comparison

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He reminds me of a less

He reminds me of a less athletic Austin Rivers. Should get some minutes because he can score and handle the rock, but doesn't rely on creating his own shot. He can score in multiple ways.

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