Now that its over

Now that Chicago Combine testing is over. Two things I've known all along is true. First Bazz is not that good. He didn't do anything to help his cause. He didn't measure well,run well or shoot well. I will give him some credit. He did speak well. The second thing is Solomon Hill. Solomon finished in the top twenty 5 out 6 categories. Solomon lane agility drill and sprint was better that alot of two guards and all the small forwards. His size and speed shows he can guamultipleple position. Solomon weight was 226 and he ran a 3.19. To take it one step further reports inside the combine tells me that Solomon has the best handles in the small forward class. If Bazz is still considered a lottery player then Solomon should be a lottery player also.

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Bazz isn't a small forward so I'm sure he wasn't involved, and in all honesty Bazz is goin to be able to biuld muscle with the weight that he has on. So he will be strong. And you just sound like an Bazz hater. Which I actually understandable, but to the extent saying Solomon hill is in the category of Bazz is just false. Gerald Green was one of the most athletic people at his combine tested great but we all see that he wasn't anything special.

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I HATE that in 2009 they

I HATE that in 2009 they Stopped the players from Going 5 on 5....Becuz looking good Hitting uncontested jump shots and bench pressing 300 lbs dont mean crap when its game time...

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yea true i wish they could

yea true i wish they could get sum runs in but at the same time i feel like it is very easy to look bad in a pickup game if everyone else is doing thier own thing which i would assume would be the case in a lot of situations. I would like to see it tho. Like for instance erick green who led the country in scoring might not even touch the ball in 5v5 at the combine.

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Though I 100% agree with you that these tests don't make a basketball player but they don't do a max bench press. They just do max reps of 185lbs.

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i am.

I'm tired of over hyped players like Bazz. Another OJ Mayo with a scandle behind him. If a GM takes Bazz in the lottery should be fired. People want to talk about Ben Howland. It was his fault. It Bazz to workout against Solo if he's not running from no one.

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