Mock draft before lottery

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Mock draft before lottery

First time I have posted a mock draft, let me know.

Chilbert arenas
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Looks solid. Mclamore

Looks solid. Mclamore slipping to 4 is bold but very possible based on team need. I personally think there's a chance Bennett might slip out of top 10.

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I like Trey Burke, but I have

I like Trey Burke, but I have a hard time imaging him going number 1 overall

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Archie Goodwin to the Spurs

Archie Goodwin to the Spurs could be a great pick for them. It's like, if Archie goes to the Kings he will end up in the D League, forever, but if he goes to the Spurs, then Archie Goodwin will be in the Rookie game and fit great next to Kawhi Leonard.

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As a Jazz fan I don't like

As a Jazz fan I don't like Snell at 21 to the Jazz, to me Snell will be lucky to make the first round, more likely in the 30's. Giannis who you have going at 22 would be great pick for the Jazz IMO but it probably won't happen. I see alot of mocks with Lucas Nogueira from Brazil in the first round but I don't see it, he's tall , athletic but what I have seen I'm not impressed, I'd have him early in the 2nd round. But that's just me.

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I think Snell is a perfect

I think Snell is a perfect fit in Utah. They already have two wings who like the ball in Hayward and Burk, so they need someone who can score off the ball, and he's a great defender who can take either wing spot, minimizing Hayward's deficiencies as a defender.

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