Mike Miller...

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Mike Miller...

was huge for the Heat last night with his seven 3's. You could really tell throughout the playoffs he was hurting so it was good to see a guy going out there giving it his all to finally knock down some shots

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amazing and gutsy performance

amazing and gutsy performance all season long for Miller... hoping he can return but his body looks rickety as heck and if he were to retire, I can't think of a better time

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I said this during the summer of Lebron

That whatever team gets Mike Miller would eventually win a Championship...I just always had a feeling he would get a ring, he's always been the perfect complimentary player...

He'll go down as one of my favorite Non Superstar players of All Time...

Gotta love "Skinny" Mike Miller, and I hope he doesn't retire yet, just needs to get his body back into shape...

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Mike Miller

Yeah you got to give it ho him...Everytime he was on the court it was hard to watch simply because he looked to be in sooo much pain, to fight through that and still have the impact he did was simply amazing.

On the sad side though, I heard he's considering retirement. Being almost always injured, and winning the championship it makes sense to retire at this point, but I kind of hope he doesn't. I think if he can heal up a bit he can still be good for 1 or more 3's a game, and he's also a good rebounder and passer for his position.

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Kid has a stroke

Mike has always had that ability to just go off. There were times where he and LeBron had incredible chemistry together, last night was definitely one of them. I know Mike has obviously been destroyed through these play-offs, but does anyone remember last season? He shot 34/29.7 from the field and long range. Well, this was his time.

Every great player needs role guys to step up to get things done. Mike Miller was that guy in Game 5, just as Norris Cole lit a fire under Mario Chalmers @ss in Game 4. I feel Michael Jordan was the ultimate confidence builder in his role guys and teammates. John Paxson and Steve Kerr both are guys that come to mind as hitting crucial NBA Finals shots to help Michael get rings. LeBron was lucky enough that Mike Miller was able to follow suit, amazing performance.

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Not sure why he would give up

Not sure why he would give up 2 guaranteed years and 10 million dollars. He's made about 75million or so in his NBA career so he doesn't have 100 million in his bank accounts like other players who leave guaranteed money on the table.

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It is also being reported

It is also being reported that James Jones may retire. He would also be walking away from guaranteed money, as he is still under contract. Jones said that playing in the NBA was stressful for his family.

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After we left the arena last

After we left the arena last night,we heard several people in the crowd say the same thing..How funny it was that they brought him there to hit 3 pointers ,but he never hit them with any consistency until last night....

Injuries has held him back,he hasnt been completely healthy since he left Minnesota...He's said he felt partically responsible for some of the criticism the team received after the lost to Dallas in the finals last year...Becuz they signed him to hit 3 pointers,But he couldnt stay healthy...Mike gave it his all last night,which was 1 of those memorable nights people will be talking about decades later..And Mike wanted to say he did contribute...

Retirement might be 50/50 becuz he loves the game and feel he still have something left in the tank...Doctors might have to step in and tell him he should hang it up...

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Miller has always been able to play. Everyone needs to remember that he's been fighting injuries at least for the last two years. He actually shot really well from 3 this year. I believe that outside of his injuries that part of his struggles last year was because of the role he was asked to play. Miller was never just a sit and wait on the 3 point line. He could always shoot, but he used to occassionally get to handle the ball. He has/had a lot more versatility to his game. I definitely do not think it was an issue of not wanting to change as it was taking time to adjust. Wade, Lebron and Bosh made adjustments and are still adjusting as far as I am concerned.

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Yeah yeah, 4 years in a row true MVP is lucky...

We know that stuff.

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He is also an underrated

He is also an underrated passer and one of the best rebounding guards in the NBA when healthy. His 5 million a year contract doesn't look too bad after draining 7 3's in the clinching game of the NBA finals.

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It's weird how awesome he was

It's weird how awesome he was last night considered he was god awful for most of the playoffs. Injured or not, he sucked previously and made up for it big time.

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Amazing, he was brought in to

Amazing, he was brought in to basically be the Heat's main role player behind the big 3, never was healthy, was buried in the middle of bench playing 10 minutes a game, played hurt, played pretty awful when he was out there pretty much all the way up to game 5. And then it happened. He came through in the biggest game is his career and can always live with that.

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Can play a big part on players contributions even if they are minor, we must remember this guy played on the Dream Team! So he aint no chump...

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