Dallas Mavericks

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Dallas Mavericks

its so hard to believe that this team won the championship just a couple years ago, i feel as though they have some good pieces like vince and oj mayo and those guys but the future is pretty unclear for these mavs, anyone think they will bounce back next season?

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I know this is going to sound

I know this is going to sound horrible, but the Mavs need to blow it up. There is no possible way a team with Dirk at this age as the center piece is going to beat the top-teir West teams. OKC is going to be a powerhouse for a while, Golden State is showing something, Memphis is good, and a bunch of young teams are finally coming together in HOU/POR/ MIN. If you think you can break through those teams and come out of the West, then of course you go for it. But if you can't get a player like CP3 or Dwight then you have to consider moving on, and be bad while the good teams aren't as invulnerable

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A lot of people expect them

A lot of people expect them to make a splash in FA this offseason but I don't really see it. Yeah most of their players contracts are coming off the books but Dirk and Marion are going to be taking up 32 million, the Mavs won't be able to do much more than afford one big name FA and that wouldn't be enough to make them a title contender at the moment, especially not while they would still have to sign about 6 or 7 other guys at bargain deals.

If Dirk wants to win again in Dallas he's gonna have to restructure his deal. He'll be making about $22.7 million next year, by comparison the Spurs will be paying $22.8 million to Tony Parker AND Tim Duncan.

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As a Dallas fan the future is

As a Dallas fan the future is not bright..

Really, the only hope for a contending team i have is that we keep our cap space by not signing anyone this off season and tanking for a good pick in next years stack class. Keeping OJ would be nice but im not sure that is gona happen, and I'm thinking Dirk will be retiring at the end of this contract.

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I agree

I agree that the mavs need a reboot. The only player I would not mess with is dirk. He has been loyal for so long let him play until he can no longer get up and down the court. Even with the use of a walker. But that doesnt mean you shoyld not start with re onstruction of this team

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