Bulls in Free Agency

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Bulls in Free Agency

The Bulls need to lengthen their rotation and need a shooting guard. tTey don't want to spend a lot of money, so they should be looking at the likes of Rashad McCants, Anthony Parker and Luther Head. Both Head and Parker are from the Chicago area and can provide minutes. They could also play small forward and hit 3's, though not to the extent of Ben Gordon. McCants might cost a little more, but they could sign him for a longer period of time because he has a better future in the game than the other 2.

Too bad they drafted the way they did. Shawn Marion would have and still may be a good pick-up. I think he will sign for a reasonable number and could be insurance for Deng if he's injured. He'd also be a good mentor for Tyrus Thomas. Bulls are stressing defense more this year which suits Marion and they could also use another scoring option. If they didn't have to guarantee Taj Gibson's contract, this would be a no-brainer. I think it still would be a good fit and would like to see it happen, though I haven't heard much about where "The Matrix" will wind-up. Now that Turkoglu is going to Toronto, he will be looking for a team. My hope is that the Bulls will be that team.

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