1 Kentucky vs 2 Michigan State

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Yeah, Gregg Popovich is a

Yeah, Gregg Popovich is a terrible coach because Duncan shot 69% for his career from the FT line.

It has nothing to do with coaching, especially when you're coaching 18 year olds that have been under your watch for no more than 4 months.

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Thoughts on the game

1) Randle is a monster. He will keep UK in every game as long as he does well

2) The Harrisons are WAY overrated. Aaron did next to nothing, and Andrew was not that great. He had a massive height, size, and speed advantage over his matchup, and yet took no advantage of it. I still think he can develop more over the year, but right now, I'd rather have Smart as a PG than Harrison

3) James Young is legit.

4) Gary Harris is also legit. He surprised me the most tonight. Maybe I was sleeping on him a bit, but he looks just like Brad Beal as a player. He'll be a solid pro

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