December 28th

NCAA Power 16 Rankings

Mon, 12/28/2015 - 11:50am

None of the teams in the Power 16 lost last week.

Hence, there is no movement – up or down – in the “updated” ratings.

So, with play scheduled to begin this week in the majority of the conferences, let’s take this time to offer up an “All-American team” for the “15” portion of the 2015-16 schedule.

And it goes like this:

Posts (center/power forward):

December 27th

Duck Season

Player of the Week

Dillon Brooks - Oregon

December 26th

X-Man: Apocalypse

Player of the Week

Xavier Simpson 6’0 – Lima Senior 2016 (Michigan)

No energy shortage as Kentucky outlasts Louisville

Lexington Herald-Leader/Jerry Tipton

December 25th

Kevin Porter, 2018 wing from Seattle, holds two offers

Source: Gershon
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