March 1st, 2017

Offers pouring in for 2019 guard Josh Green

Source: Daniels
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Sooner than Later

Player of the Week

Trae Young 6’1 175 PG – Norman North 2017 (Oklahoma)

In the Nick of Time

Player of the Week

Nick Ward, Michigan State

February 28th

Exceeding Expectations

It was not a pretty week for the Big 12 outside of Lawrence, Kansas and even the Jayhawks had their share of struggles. Two teams not themselves out of the NCAA Tournament as things currently stand (more on that later) while Baylor and West Virginia continued to slide, both dropping a game this week. Kansas did manage to clinch the Big 12 regular season outright this week, but they had to come back in a big way to beat the worst team in the conference, the Oklahoma Sooners. They clinched the title with a surprise team in second place, the Iowa State Cyclones.

February 27th