2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 11:10pm

East Midwest
Villanova (1) Kansas (1)
MtSt.Mary's (16) Mova KU UCDavis (16)
Wisconsin (8) Wisc. Miami Miami (8)
Virginia Tech(9) Nova KU Mich. St. (9)
Virginia(5) Vir. Nevada Iowa St.(5)
UNCW (12) Virginia Nevada Nevada (12)
Florida (4) ETennSt. Purdue Purdue (4)
E.Tenn St. (13) Nova KU Vermont (13)
SMU (6) Duke Lou Creighton (6)
USC (11) USC R Island R.Island (11)
Baylor(3) NMSU Oregon Oregon (3)
NMSU(14) USC Ore Iona (14)
S.Carolina (7) Duke Lou Michigan (7)
Marquette (10) S.Carolina Mich. Ok State (10)
Duke (2) Duke FINAL FOUR Louisville Louisville (2)
Troy (15)
Jacksonville St. (15)
Gonzaga (1)
North Carolina (1)
SD State (16) Zags UNC Tx Southern(16)
Northwestern (8) NW FINAL S.Hall Arkansas (8)
Vanderbilt (9) Zags
UNC Seton Hall (9)
Notre Dame (5) ND
MTSU Minnesota (5)
Princeton(12) ND MTSU M.Tenn.St. (12)
West Virginia (4) WV Winthrop Butler (4)
Bucknell (13) Zags CHAMP UNC Winthrop (13)
Maryland (6) AZ Kansas UCLA Cincinnati (6)
Xavier (11) Mary K.State K.State (11)
Florida St. (3) FSU UCLA UCLA (3)
FGCU (14) FSU UCLA Kent St. (14)
St. Mary's (7) AZ UK Dayton (7)
VCU (10) St. Mary's Dayton Wichita St.(10)
Arzona (2) AZ UK Kentucky (2)
N.Dakota (15) N.Kentucky(15)
West South Staff Picks

NCAA Champion Runner up Final Four Final Four Sleeper
Aran Smith Kansas Duke Arizona UCLA M.Tenn State
Michael Visenberg Kansas Gonzaga UCLA Duke M.Tenn State
Clayton Crowe Kansas Duke Arizona UNC UNC-Wilmington
Eric Guilleminault North Carolina Arizona Duke Kansas USC
Matt Harvey Villanova UCLA Arizona Michigan Nevada
Nick Prevenas Arizona Kentucky Oregon Villanova SMU
Eric Yearian Arizona Kentucky Villanova Louisville Cincinnati
Dave Ray Kansas Arizona North Carolina Villanova SMU
Brandon Jefferson Kentucky Arizona Kansas Villanova Notre Dame
Tajh Jenkins
Evan Tomes Kansas Arizona Florida Kentucky Rhode Island
Jonathan Sauber Villanova Kansas Kentucky Florida St. M.Tenn State
Stefanos Makris Duke Kansas Arizona UCLA Michigan
Jacob Stallard Gonzaga Kentucky Duke Oregon St. Mary's
Will Desautelle North Carolina Duke Kansas Arizona Wichita St.

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Florida Gulf Coast will give

Florida Gulf Coast will give Florida St all they can handle, I believe this team is a nightmare matchup for Florida St. FGCU is a bit underrated as far as seeding is concerned defintely one of the higher seeded teams to keep an eye on..Demetris Morant will be the key for Florida Gulf Coast, and will be an ex-factor due to him matching up with Isaac. Hes currently playing some of his best basketball right now.

I love the Nevada squad (one of my preseason sleepers) I just believe Swanigan is a matchup problem for Cam Oliver and this Nevada team goes as Cam Oliver goes.. Ill be rooting for them.

St.Marys is a tough sob team, one of the older teams in the tourney possibly going against a very young Arizona team. Possible Trap Game for Arizona.

USC vs SMU Bennie is back and SMU runs a 6 to 7 rotation.. I like SMU they play mulitple styles which is huge for a deep run, If SMU had a deeper bench I'd place them in the Final 4

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