2014 Draft Day Challenge

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 1:32pm

Draft fans, with the NBA draft just a day away (Thursday at 7:00 PM ET) we invite you to participate in our 2014 Draft Day Challenge.

With our easy to use drag and drop feature, you can create your own two round mock draft.

Your score will be recorded and you will receive an overall score, rank and percentile among participants. You will be able to maintain your mock draft up until an hour before the draft begins.

To play, log in at:

2014 Draft Day Challenge2014 Draft Day Challenge*Scores are given based on accuracy of mock draft.

*Compete with your friends and the entire community.

*Be the top “mocker” and be crowned "2014 Draft Day Challenge Champion", The game is absolutely free and you can't win unless you play!

To create your own mock draft, click here.

Be sure to fill out a 60 player mock draft at least 20 minutes before the NBA draft starts.

Scoring System

Here is the scoring system (after the draft is complete). Different point totals are awarded for first round picks (positions 1 - 30) and second round picks (positions 31 - 60).

1-30 (First round) 31-60 (Second Round)
Exact pick 5 pts 3 pts
within 3 positions 3 pts 1 pt
within 5 positions 2 pts 1 pt
within 10 positions 1 pt 1 pt
greater than 10 positions 0 pt 0 pt

For more information on the scoring system, please click here: Draft Day Challenge Scoring System


1. You must provide a valid name, email and address.

2. Deadline to submit mock draft is 20 minutes prior to start of draft.

Create & Share Your Mock Draft

Our latest feature allows you to not only create a full 60 player mock draft and write explanations for why you think each pick will be made. Set your mock, fill in your comments and send the link to friends or post it on Facebook or other social networking sites for all your friends to see!

Scott Harvey won the 2010 Draft Day Challenge.
Jamie Yeckering won the 2009 Draft Day Challenge.

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Will it take less then 6

Will it take less then 6 months to get our results back this time??

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Julius randle

Julius randle

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Who needs a prize when you

Who needs a prize when you already get to go down in lore?

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" Deadline to submit 20 minutes prior draft to start"

I think it didn't really work...

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Worse than last year

79 points for me, I got 81 last year. Really struggled in the second round.

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ho needs a prize when you

ho needs a prize when you already get to go downl

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