23 - Yoeli Childs

6-7, 225 Power Forward
BYU Senior
01/13/98 (23.9 yrs)
South Jordan, UT
High School
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NBA Comparison:

Strengths: Developed from a paint beast into a versatile big man who can truly do it all. As a SR, averaged 22 points per game, nine rebounds, and two assists and it all had to do with his development of a perimeter jump shot. While he only had 45 three-point attempts, he knocked down nearly half of them (22) and it allowed him to attack the basket more as well … Childs is athletic enough to drive to the basket, but he is at his best in post-ups where he can use his strength to get close to the basket and finish with touch around the rim … He is listed at 6’7, 225 pounds, but with a big wingspan and standing reach, he plays much taller and stronger … He has great post moves and a wide variety of shot fakes that keep defenders off balanced … He is effective in both the pick and roll and pick and pop game. He has a good enough jumper to get to a spot and knock down shots and also athletic enough to get to the hoop after a strong screen … He is a dominant rebounder because of his great positioning and athleticism to elevate above his opponents … He averaged two offensive rebounds per game in all four of his seasons … Two assists per game is respectable for a big man who primarily plays in the post, so he sees the court rather well … On the defensive end, he is tough to back down because of his strength and footwork … He is a true, dominant scorer and he does it in a number of ways … Although his post hook is most lethal, Childs also developed a bit of a post fadeaway that will only improve with increased practice … He looked a lot more comfortable from three-point range thanks to better shot selection and decreased volume from his junior year … He averaged more points in 2019-20 despite less minutes thanks to terrific playmakers around him in TJ Haws and Jake Toolson … He has a well-rounded game for a non-power five big man and it allowed him to dominate lesser competition … His athleticism and strength will allow him to compete against larger big men at the next level and he should not be overlooked as a late second round draft pick

Weaknesses: Childs did work in a three-point jumper to his game, but it is also very slow like Joel Embiid … He averaged over two turnovers per game in his last three seasons for the Cougars … Free throw percentage is not promising as he dropped from 71% as a junior to 54% as a senior … Foul trouble seemed to be a consistent issue with over two and a half fouls per game in only 28 minutes per game … While he has athleticism and strength mentioned above, it is never ideal to be a 6’8 big man. He will be able to compete better than most 6’8 bigs, but it will be tough playing with such a size disadvantage when most of his time is spent in the post … He has improved drastically with his jumper, but he still lacks a mid-range shooting game. He is not a good enough ball handler to create these shots on his own and he often relies on spot-up shooting when he is not in the post … His play style benefits from being the star player and being put in positions to dominate. He will struggle to make an impact when every play is not drawn up for him …. Childs has great potential but is more of a project to developing shot creating ability and at the age of 22, he is already behind on the development process

Overall: Childs is currently projected to go undrafted based on his age and the development that is required to turn him into an impact player off the bench. If he can develop his perimeter game even further, he will be a great guy to have off the bench. For now, he is limited as an interior force without size. An elite perimeter game will allow him to get back to his strengths in the post and in the pick and roll game.

Notes: Meaured: 6’6.00” barefoot, 6’7.00” in shoes, 8’10.00” standing reach, 226.4 lbs, 6’11.50” wingspan at the 2020 NBA Combine …

Derek Bast 11/17/20

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