23 - Timothe Luwawu

6-7, 195 Shooting Guard/Small Forward
France International
05/09/95 (25.9 yrs)
Cannes, France
International Team
Mega Leks
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Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Thabo Sefolosha

Strengths: Versatile wing … Great size and wingspan (measured around 7 feet) for his position … Has NBA level athleticism … Explosive leaper … Jumps equally well with either foot … Can play above the rim … Runs the floor really fast, helped by his great stride … Possesses good scoring instincts … Shooting mechanics have polished through time … Improving shooter in catch and shoot situations … Good shooter coming of screens … Can attack closeouts with his great first step … At the time he is better when driving and finishes in straight lines … Has potential to finish through contact if he bulks up his body … Occasionally can create his own shot … Excellent in transition … Can either start the break, or fill the lanes as a wing … Ball handling is much better than it used to be … Can play the Pick and Roll at an acceptable level as the ball handler … Willing to post up smaller defenders … He is a good slasher … Has a nice court vision, which helps him make good passes … Good rebounder for his position … Can guard multiple positions … Very good lateral quickness … Active hands on defense … Really knows how to fill the lanes and make steals … Has all the necessary tools (length, athleticism, lateral quickness) to become a lockdown defender in the future … Not afraid to shoot when the game is on the line …

Weaknesses: Has to bulk up to be able to play at the next level … He has great numbers, but that is also a result of the high tempo of Mega Leks, which helps players showcase their skills … There are doubts about how his game will translate in the NBA …Can’t finish through contact yet, so at time he looks like he prefers to avoid it if he can, which translates to bad finishing ability at the rim … He might have improved as a shooter, but he can’t be considered a consistent threat from the perimeter yet … His shooting release is quicker than it used to be, but it remains pretty low and his shot can be blocked …  His follow through remains inconsistent at times … His ball handling still needs work … His ISO game is still a work in progress mainly due to his average ball handling … He lacks an in-between game … Must improve his shooting of the dribble, which is below average … His decision making isn’t there yet … Has the tendency to keep the ball in his hands for more time than he has to and take bad shoots … He seems to prefer shooting after first he has caught the ball with his left hand, which can easily been read by the defense … He has the bad habit of “disappearing” from time to time in the game … Drives almost always in straight lines, without much shake and having at times “tunnel vision” … He can’t “read” double-teams and help defense coming his way … Turnover prone … Must improve in pick and roll situations… His back to the basket game is still in its early stages … His defense is inconsistent … Defensive I.Q must improve … His off the ball defense is mediocre, mainly because he is too focused on the ball …

Notes: He started his professional career at the age of 17 in Antibes … Has been a member of Junior Level National teams for years … He really elevated his game – and also improved drastically his draft stock – after playing for Mega Lecs in 2015/16 season, averaging 14.6 points, 4.8 rebounds and 2.8 assists in ABA League, earning a spot in All-ABA League Team…

Stefanos Makris 6/21/16

Strenghts: Standing 6-7 (even if seems a little less) he has excellent size for an NBA backcourt player … He’s a solid athlete, lower body is well developed, giving him good speed and solid leaping ability, combined with a long wingspan … He has a decent handle and shows some ability to create from the dribble, even if he’s more effective when helped by a screen or when he’s assisted in off the ball situations … Despite being a natural scorer, he shows solid passing skills, he’s able to read the situations and involve teammates when the defense collapses on him … He has a natural talent in drawing contact, which often leads to free throw opportunities, increasing his overall effectiveness as a scorer … He’s really improved as a shooter, with fluid mechanics and  range behind the three point line … He shoots with confidence using both pull-up jumpers off the dribble or in spot up situations, with the ability to collect a lot of points in a very short time when he cacthes fire … With his size and quick first step he’s able to attack the rim effectively, even if he’s not his primary solution. He has the potential to be a good defender with his wingspan and instincts, and he’s already a solid rebounder for the role. The improvements and the evolution he have had over the last year show a good work ethic and will to improve. His style is perfectly suitable for NBA game

Weaknesses: He still has to work on his upper body strength. He has thin shoulders and this affects his effectiveness when attacking the basket … Despite being an improved shooter, with fluid mechanics, he might improve his consistency by working on the use of the legs more with his shot … On the offensive side he has to improve his use of his left hand, giving him the ability to be less predictable … The shortcomings in his upper body strength limit his ability to attack the basket, since he tends to not respond well to contact from rim protectors and in general from defenders … His ability to draw contact and to gain free throws is diminished by his poor performance at the free throw line (66% thus far) … He has the potential to be a great defender, but he struggles a lot in 1 vs. 1 situations, lacking determination and lateral speed, a red flag that needs to be improved upon … In general he needs to work on his attitude and body language, he’s aware of his talent but lacks blue collar motivation to make hustle plays …  

Notes: After three seasons spent in ProB (French 2nd division – Antibes), he moved to a solid ABA league team, following the path taken by other French prospects like Lauvergne, Dallo and Westermann … This transfer was possible also to the solid relations of his agent and the ownership of Mega Vizura, the powerful agency BeoBasket. He’s averaging 16.2 pts and 4.3 rb thus far in ABA league. He was member of France U18 and U20 national teams …

Davide Bortoluzzi 11/24/15

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