6 - Theo Maledon

6-5, 185 Point Guard
France International
06/12/01 (20.3 yrs)
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NBA Comparison: Frank Ntilikina

Strengths: Smart point guard with great size for his position … Has very good size (6-4, 6-5) and length (6-8 wingspan) … High basketball I.Q … Very good feel for the game … Quick, not explosive … A better athlete than most people think… Has a quick first step… Always playing under control, he could set the pace for his team … Really mature for his age … Can play on and off the ball … Has a good hesitation dribble … Very good at changing pace and rhythm while dribbling … Plays more athletic due to his great size … Incorporates floaters in the paint well … Has good shooting mechanics which suggest that he can become a reliable shooter in the future … Has shown potential when shooting off the dribble and is a threat in pull up situations from mid-range … Good shooter in Spot Up situations when feet are set … He can be creative when he goes to the basket, having some crafty finishes and a semi-reliable floater … Great court vision, he can find the open teammate anywhere on the floor … Excellent passer … Very good in Pick and Roll situations, he can find the rolling big or to pass the perimeter for a spot up shot … Good in drive and kick situations … He has improved at reading the game … Takes what the defense gives him … Has the ability to draw fouls … Good rebounder for his position … Likes to press his opponents at full court and disturb them … Very good chasing his opponents around screens … Has really active hands on defense, which helps him make a lot of steals and deflections … Good defender in Pick and Roll situations, knows how to set his feet … Good as a help defender, always willing to cover his teammates … Has a good understanding of defensive rotations …

Weaknesses: Not an overwhelming athlete but solid and uses his size well. Just average explosiveness by NBA standards … He needs to be more physical on both ends of the floor …. At times he disappears and is just too passive for a player with his talent … His assist/turnover ratio should improve … His dribble needs some polishing, he still dribbles too high … Right hand dominant, needs to work on his left hand if he wants to become a lead guard … Has problems when his opponent pressures him at full court … His lack of elite burst limits him when he tries to create his own shot … Not always capable of taking advantage a miss-match when a big switches on him … Inconsistent shooter from the 3-point line … Has a slow shooting release, which leads to more contested shots … He settles for mid-range shots too often … Has problems finishing through contact … Hesitant at times, avoids going all the way to the basket … Not always capable of passing to the rolling big in Pick and Rol situations, prefers to pass to the perimeter, which makes him more predictable … Foul prone, he uses his hands more than he should at times and gets in foul trouble … Slightly above average lateral quickness, has problems against elite athletes … Can lose focus when defending a player off the ball, allowing backdoor cuts … Has problems defending closeouts, he runs at full speed and sets his feet incorrectly …

Notes: Measured: 6’4.00” barefoot, 6’5.00” in shoes, 8’4.50” standing reach, 187.4 lbs, and 6’8.75” singspan at the 2020 NBA Combine …

Stefanos Makris 6/17/20