5 - Terrence Clarke

6-7, 195 Shooting Guard
Kentucky Freshman
09/06/01 (21.2 yrs)
Dorchester, MA
High School
Brewster Academy
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
91 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Will Barton

Strengths: Good size for a shooting guard at 6-7, 195 lbs … Has a long frame that should be able to put on additional muscle as he matures … Is an aggressive scorer that is able to get into the paint … Can be a streaky shooter, hit 3 threes against Georgia Tech and was the focus of the offense … Can create scoring opportunities for others by collapsing the defense … Wants the ball in his hands … Does a good job of creating angles to beat his man using a mix of athleticism, a quick first step, and footwork … Has a nice floater that allows him to score over much bigger players without trying to force his way all the way to the rim … Can excel in the half court or in transition, using his body control to find holes in the defense. Is best scoring off the dribble with his mix of moves to create space or blow by his defender. Uses body movement to keep defenders off balance. With improved shot mechanics, could develop a better spot up game as defenders will have to respect his driving ability off the catch …

Weaknesses: Has a loose handle and is prone to turnovers … Can try to force the action at times and plays out of control … Recorded more turnovers than assists during his brief college career … Settles for off balance shots at times, which limits his effectiveness as a jump shooter … Only shot 47% from the free throw line, which is especially troublesome for somebody that is most effective going to the rim. Has the tools to be a really good defender, but has not yet dedicated himself to that end of the floor … Can struggle with defensive positioning, as he can sometimes rely on trying to physically overwhelm his opponent …. Doesn’t rebound as well you’d like for a guard with his size. An ankle injury cost him a large chunk of his season and could lead to some medical red flags for teams …

Outlook: Clarke has all the physical tools to be a successful NBA wing, but his skills need a considerable amount of refinement in order to produce at that level. His penchant for turning the ball over makes it unlikely that he will be a primary or even secondary ball handler until he fixes that issue. Only played 8 games at the collegiate level due to an ankle injury. Ultimately, he will likely need to change the way he plays in order to succeed at the next level, but could offer decent value with where he’s projected in the draft.

Notes: Clarke passed away coming out of a workout in Los Angeles, CA on April 22, 2021 … Three months before he was set to become an NBA draft pick. thoughts and prayers go out to Clarke’s family and loved ones …

Eric Yearian 4/22/21

Strengths: 6’6 athletic wing … Good length with a 6’10 wingspan … High-level and natural athlete, displays it well in game settings. Finishes above the rim with ease and good body control. Contorts his body to react to the defense in the air and hits shots at difficult angles … Good scoring mentality and ability. Averaged 10.4 points per game at the NBPA Top 100 in 2018. Averaged 16.2 points per game over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Creative player, whether his plays are properly executed or not, he naturally catches rhythm with the ball and sells his moves well. Good ball handler, creates well off the dribble and utilizes step-back. Effective jab step. Instinctive slasher and squeezes into tight spaces with the ball, attacks gaps to get to the rim. Can get where he wants in the half-court against a set defense. Quick with the ball, shifty when changing speed and directions. Beats the defense and reacts to the help defender. Can hit shots off the dribble … Good passer and court vision, showing improvement in the past year. Doesn’t have tunnel vision and knows his options with the ball. Passes out of drives with either hand. Can play in transition as a leader and finisher … Stays active and moves when playing off the ball … Good tools and effort defensively. Consistently gets in a defensive stance and pressures the ball handler. Averaged 1.1 steal per game over the Nike EYBL in 2019 …

Weaknesses: Has room to improve strength … Can work on improving efficiency and consistency. Shot 37.7% FG% at the NBPA Top 100 in 2018. Shot 42.7% FG% over the Nike EYBL in 2018 and 40.9% FG% in 2019 … Although he can get hot from outside and shows ability to shoot off the catch or dribble, he can improve as a 3PT shooter as he’s more on the streaky side right now. Shot 29% 3PT% at the NBPA Top 100 in 2019. Shot 26.4% 3PT% over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Can improve as a free throw shooter. Shot 51.9% FT% over the Nike EYBL in 2018 and 67.9% FT% in 2019 … Doesn’t stand out as a rebounder for his position. Averaged 2.1 rebounds per game over the Nike EYBL in 2018 and 5.1 rebounds per game in 2019 … Plays loose at times and can work on limiting turnovers. Averaged 2.1 assists to 2.6 turnovers per game at the NBPA Top 100 in 2018. Averaged 2.7 turnovers per game over the Nike EYBL in 2019 …

Outlook: Kentucky commit … 2019 All-EYBL: Third Team and Underclass Team …

Evan Tomes 12/12/19