3 - Reyshawn Terry

6-7, 232 Small Forward
North Carolina Senior
04/07/84 (36.5 yrs)
Winston-Salem, NC
High School
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2006 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
89 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Stephen Jackson

Matthew Maurer – 1/3/2007

Strengths: Terry has a good amount of quickness to create separation from his defender Athletically he is among the elite level athletes at his position in the college game Physically he has all the tools one looks for in a defender Long arms, quickness, and size Underrated ball handler who can take opposing players off the dribble Great help defender who gets a number of shot blocks by rotating over Has three point range and can convert off the dribble or with his feet set Unselfish player who looks to teammates often for offensive opportunities Is capable of slashing to the basket and finishing in traffic with flair When Terry gets going, he has the ability to put up big points Great rebounder who uses his athleticism and long arms to make an impact Though already a senior, he appears to have poential … Has a great body that is NBA ready with good strength Solid slasher who uses his leaping ability and body control to produce amazing finishes

Weaknesses: Has struggled some this season getting his confidence going Looks at times as if his focus is elsewhere instead of in the game Has always been a bit of an inconsistent player who goes through periods of streaky play Has a tendency to gamble too much on steals which can leave him out of position giving his man the open look Prone to making mental mistakes during games Isnt a big fan of physical contact and lacks a certain amount of mental toughness Defensively he is still learning how to play the passing lanes and anticipate passes Doesnt put enough pressure on opposing defenses Settles at times for the long range shot instead of taking the ball to the basket and drawing fouls Needs to find a comfort level and better utilize the mid-range jumper Has a bad habit of standing around on offense instead of moving around to get open

Rob Salvador – 2/11/2006

Strengths: A real hot/cold type player . There are times when the scoreboard wont keep up with him he scores so fast, other times however, it is easy to forget he is on the court … Has a very good perimeter game, knocks down the mid range to outside jumper with moderate consistency … When he scores, the points come in bunches … Outside shots, drives through the lane, free throws, his offensive game has vastly improved … An above average finisher at the hoop, usually converts when he gets to the charity stripe … Has the ability to step back and take the 3 … Excellent court vision for a player his size, one of the main reasons the offense revolves around him … On defense this guy is an absolute workhorse … Good on the ball defender and even better at anticipating passing lanes. Scrappy rebounder who picks up about 5 or 6 on a consistent basis … Could be a nice player with continued improvement.

Weaknesses: Shooting is too streaky. Will rattle off 8 points in a row, then disappear for half of the game … There are times when he needs to demand the ball and make something happen … Can be almost too team oriented, which is not a bad thing but some games require the stars to take over, and he hasn’t learned to fully take on that responsability yet … Needs to attack the basket more instead of always settling for the perimeter look … Another year of college should do wonders for his game.