4 - Patrick Williams

6-7, 215 Small Forward/Power Forward
Florida St. Freshman
08/26/01 (20.1 yrs)
Charlotte, NC
High School
West Charlotte
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: OG Anunoby

Strengths:  An explosive, “freakish” combo forward with intriguing upside, especially as a defender … One of the most explosive athletes in college basketball, Williams is difficult to keep off of the offensive glass … Oozes potential with his eye popping physical profile and standout versatility … Scores a fair amount of baskets just through sheer athleticism as he’s able to physically outclass most players at the college level … Excellent length with a 6’11 wingspan … Very strong legs and powerful frame. When he’s engaged, he plays a physical brand of basketball and should only get stronger as his body develops with age … Ability to defend multiple positions gives him added intrigue … Converts a number of tip dunks as well as ally oops … Really efficient in the role of an off ball defender, but also effective on the ball … Has amazing speed to make up ground and intercept passes, as evidenced by his steal per game … Intriguing versatility with his ability to handle the ball and knock down mid-range jumpers … Averaged 83.8% from the FT line, an encouraging stat regarding his ability to develop into a high level face the basket scorer … His 32% from three is impressive when you consider his form and combine that with his potential to create shots … Blocked 30 shots on the year, one per game, showing an impressive ability to react and erase shots for a 6’8 forward … 4 rebounds per game, made more impressive when you consider he played in just 22 minutes per game … Shows a solid ability to cut off drives and pull up for jump shots with efficiency … Phenomenal hand strength, showing the ability to corral the ball very easily with one hand … Shows tons of untapped potential. One of the youngest prospects in the 2020 draft. Turned 19 on August 26th giving him a lot more upside and time to develop than his peers in this draft class … Shows excellent versatility with the ability to handle and pass … Displays the ability to create for others with his vision and passing skills … Has a chance to be one of the top players to come out of the 2020 draft …

Weaknesses: There are question marks about his want to as a scorer, and his ceiling as a scorer at the next level … Can he be a 15+ point scorer, does he have the desire to be a bucket getter? … Does not seem to have the instinct to be a high level scorer. So being a standout role player type could be his calling … Doesn’t have the most impressive body of work from a statistical standpoint … Only averaged 9.2 points per game as a freshman … Struggled for playing time in his freshman year, (22 mpg) despite relative effectiveness … Shot just 32% from three, on 16 makes throughout the year … Has a great reputation for being a nice kid, but at times has been called “too nice” and in need of more grit in order to maximize his abilities … Should look to utilize his physicality to his advantage more often … Needs to work on back to the basket skills … Improve his footwork and learn some post moves … Plays unselfish to a fault. Can learn to play with more sense of urgency and force the issue, considering his talent edge … Shows tons of untapped potential, but whether he will be able to tap that ability is the question mark. How badly does he “want it”? … He likely will be a player that really benefits from a good development situation at the next level, or may not make it with his first team if he lands in the wrong situation … Jump shot is a little slow and mechanical. Will need to work on speeding up his release some, specifically from deep … Appears to have better form when shooting pull ups than spot ups … Seems to shoot a jumpshot from mid-range and a set shot from deep. Perhaps learning to get more of a streamline form from deep would increase his shot release quickness and efficiency …

Overall: Had numerous highlight plays and certainly qualifies as one of the most exciting prospects in this year’s draft class …  Today’s NBA has shown that tweener forward types that were too short to play power forward in the past, can be highly effective in today’s game … Figures to fit the role of small ball four over time … Likely a kid that will need some pushing and development to realize his potential … One of the real boom or bust picks … Projected by most scouts as a lottery pick in this year’s draft … Could fall short of expectations if he lands in the wrong situation and fails to develop … Staying motivated and focused and developing a offensive skill set will be key to his long term development …

Notes: Hails from Charlotte, North Carolina … FSU was one of the deepest and most talented teams in the country, very efficient in limited minutes playing for a well balanced Leonard Hamilton Seminole team … Considered a good kid, solid individual.

Aran Smith 8/31/20

NBA Comparison: Chris Singleton

Strengths: 6’7 forward … Good length with a 6’11 wingspan … Good potential as a two-way wing … Natural athleticism. Gets off the ground well and plays above the rim … Good strength and build … Averaged 13 points per game over the Nike EYBL in 2018 … Good shooting form with range out to the three-point line. Shot 50% 3PT% over the Nike EYBL in 2017 and 39.4% 3PT% in 2018 … Good defensive tools and shot blocker for position. Averaged 1.2 blocks per game over the Nike EYBL in 2018 … Younger for his class, won’t turn 18 until August of his freshman year of college. Has the physical tools and upside but has a way to go to tap into it …

Weaknesses: Can be too content letting the game come to him and can improve aggression. Goes through stretches without a touch. Can move a lot more playing off the ball … Settles for contested shots, can utilize his size and athleticism more taking it into the basket. Doesn’t get to the rim at the rate his talent suggests … Doesn’t have much creativity as a finisher and can improve as a midrange scorer … Can improve as a free throw shooter. Shot 57.1% FT% over the Nike EYBL in 2017 and 65.6% FT% in 2018 … Not a strong ball handler, shaky when picking up speed and lacks ability to create. Not much of a playmaker for others. Averaged 1.7 assists to two turnovers per game over the Nike EYBL in 2018. Passed out three assists to four turnovers over seven games at the NBPA Top 100 in 2018 … Doesn’t stand out as a rebounder for someone with his size, he has his games where he can pull down double-digit boards but has his games with minimal impact as well. Averaged 3.4 rebounds per game over the Nike EYBL in 2017 and 5.3 per game in 2018. Averaged 1.6 rebounds per game at the NBPA Top 100 in 2018 … Could really flourish if he developed an alpha dog mentality and leadership …

Outlook: Incoming Florida State freshman … Played in the 2019 Jordan Brand Classic …

Evan Tomes 8/21/19