21 - Olivier Hanlan

6-4, 185 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Boston College Junior
02/15/93 (28.8 yrs)
Aylmer, Quebec, Canada
High School
New Hampton
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NBA Comparison: CJ McCollum

Strength: Combo guard with decent size for the two and solid ball skills … One of the ACC’s top scorers throughout his college career, doing so in many different ways … Quick release on his jump shot, needed very little room to get his shot off … High volume isolation player who had to create shots for himself constantly, doing so quite efficiently in that particular scenario … Ran a lot of pick-and-roll, was good at finding the open player and has good instincts once the defense commits … Improved at playing without the ball quite a bit, knows how to use screens to get looks … Runs the break well, changes speeds to get to the basket and was solid in transition … Much improved passer, has always been asked to play on the ball a lot and increased his assist total while decreasing his overall turnover percentage … Was relied upon so heavily, yet still managed to shoot a respectable 45.3% FG over his time at Boston College … Always was able to get to the FT stripe pretty often, crafty player who manages to get to the hoop and does not avoid contact … For the amount of shots he had at the hoop, shot a solid percentage, plus made over 50% of his two-point shots during both of his last two seasons … Dangerous going to either side, not someone who is stifled if moved to his off-hand … Shot a lot off of the dribble and while it was not his strong suit, he certainly can do so to get a decent look … Has a nice array on offensive moves near the basket, with a nice runner, floater and can finish high traffic lay-ups … An improved defender who became better at playing passing lanes and exerted more effort on that end as his time in college progressed … Played huge minutes in college (36 mpg for his career), with a major usage, a lot of in-game experience at a high level of play … Was forced to take so much offensive responsibility, it could really help him thrive once he is with players closer to his level of talent

Weaknesses: Seems to be much more of a scorer as opposed to a true point guard, and while his size is attractive for a combo guard, if he is seen as a full time SG, it definitely leads to some defensive concerns … While he was forced to take a lot of shots, it still leaves some question marks regarding mid/long range shot selection … Did get to the FT stripe less during his junior year than normal, was he settling for too many outside shots? … Not incredibly athletic, without ideal speed or lateral quickness, which lead again to questions about his defensive ability … Can lose focus of the ball on defense, plus will give players a bit too much space without being able to properly react until it is too late … Weighed in at the combine at slightly over 185 lbs, which shows as he gets caught in screens and has a lot of trouble with recovery … Boston College really struggled to win games, which is not necessarily a knock on Hanlan, it just is something that could be taken into account that he was the best player on some bad teams and whether he would still have been this type of scorer at a winning program … Still a streaky shooter, took a lot of contested looks, which might be part of his situation, though once again is something to take into account … He did improve his assist total, though is it enough to prove he could play PG at the NBA level? … Was prone to over dribbling, often tried to do too much and could be forced into making bad decisions

Notes: Transferred to New Hampton School (from Canada) for his Junior and Senior year … Part of the Canadian U17 team that won bronze during the 2010 FIBA World Championships in Germany … Also played with the Canadian U19 that competed in the 2011 FIBA World Championships in Latvia … Tournament MVP of Canadian National Championship in 2010, Scoring 30 in the finals … Named 2013 ACC Freshman of the Year by both coaches and media and All-ACC Honorable Mention recognition from the ACSMA, with averages of 15.5 ppg, 4.2 rpg and 2.3 apg during the season … Named to the 2014 All-ACC 3rd Team by both coaches and media, with averages of 18.5 ppg, 3.4 rpg and 2.9 apg … Named to the 2015 All-ACC 1st Team by both coaches and media, as well as garnering an All-American Honorable Mention from the Associated Press, with averages of 19.5 ppg, 4.2 rpg and 4.2 apg … Became the third player in Boston College history and the 29th player in ACC history to reach 1,000 points as a sophomore (Troy Bell and Craig Smith were the other Eagles to accomplish this feat) … Finished his 3 seasons at Boston College with 1,727 points (17.8 ppg), 382 rebounds (3.9 rpg) and 303 assists (3.1 apg), while making 176 three-pointers (36.1% 3PT) … Had 4 games with 30 points or more as a junior, with 6 total during his time at BC, scoring a career high 41 points as a freshman in a win over Georgia Tech during the 2013 ACC Tournament … Very talented scoring guard who improved greatly as a playmaker for others, did his best to make Boston College a tough out in a loaded ACC … Was at his best attacking the hoop, with improved perimeter play … Could possibly thrive when given the chance to play with a bit more space and players closer to his level of talent … Measured at 6’3.25 without shoes, 6’4.25 with shoes, 185.8 lbs with a 6’6.5 wingspan and a 8’4 standing reach, very good for a PG, on the smaller side for a SG … Can certainly stand to add some strength to his frame to compete defensively … Certainly seems to be a strong possibility as a 2nd round pick and a player who has peaked some interest in the late 1st round

Michael Visenberg 6/25/2015

Strengths: A talented offensive player, Hanlan has shown a lot of promise early in his college career … With his superior scoring and passing abilities, Hanlan can play both guard positions … Hanlan gets his points in a variety of ways, be it off of dribble penetration, mid-range pull-ups, or the outside shot … He has excellent "gear-shifting" ability and a quick first step.  Burns a lot of defenders who try to guard him on the perimeter … Can drive to the right or the left … Great at finding holes in the defense and exploiting them to get to the basket … Hanlan shows flashes of being a very gifted passer.  Once he penetrates to the hoop, he can either finish with great consistency, make a quick pass right into the hands of an open big man, or kick the ball outside to an open shooter … Hanlan can stop on a dime.  His pull-up and step-back jumpers are highly efficient … Has a good floater once he gets in the lane … Shoots a career 40% from three point land, forcing defenders to respect him on the perimeter … Excellent on the pick-and-roll … Draws a lot of fouls.  Has drawn 9.5 fouls per game to start the 2013-2014 season and is shooting 83% at the stripe … Has a high shot release which is difficult to block … Good point guard size (6’3") and excellent length with a 6’5 wingspan …

Weaknesses: Needs to improve on defense … Fundamentally poor perimeter defender … Doesn’t always fight through screens … His defensive intensity drops when he’s guarding off the ball…As a point guard, doesn’t always look to pass.  His assist-to-turnover ratio in 2012-2013 was just over 1 even … Still needs to become more of a facilitator to be comsidered a true PG and not just a combo guard … Needs to add strength to his 6’3", 185 lb. frame … For being so quick, doesn’t get a lot of steals … The Eagles are 18-21 with Hanlan and they have struggled out of the gate in 2013.  Granted this is a team that overachieved from where they were projected to finish  … Occasionally tries to do too much on offense, as evidenced by over-dribbling and some questionable shots …

Notes: Measured 6’3.5 (in shoes) 182 lbs, with a 6’5 wingspan at the 2013 Nike Guard Skills Academy … Named the ACC Freshman of the Year last season, as well as a freshman All-American and an All-ACC Honorable Mention…Is older than most of his classmates, as he turns 21 in February…Scored 38 against Florida Atlantic in the fourth game of BC’s season…

Overall: Hanlan is a naturally gifted offensive player who can score in a variety of ways and is learning to be a better creator for his teammates.  His defense needs work (and more effort) and he needs to lead his team to more key victories, but he is definitely a first-round talent, even in this year’s loaded draft …

Jacob Stallard 11/26/13

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