11 - Mookie Cook

6-7, 200 Small Forward
Oregon Freshman
07/03/04 (19.4 yrs)
Portland, OR
High School
AZ Compass Prep
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
92 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Kent Bazemore

Strengths: 6’7 athletic wing … Good size and solid length for position with a 6’10 wingspan … Well-coordinated with high-level athleticism that translates on both ends. Good speed in the open floor and impressive vertical. Quick off the ground and doesn’t take time loading up when jumping. Quick second jump. Reads opportunities to catch back door alley-oops … Good passing ability with natural court vision. Makes passes with either hand, off the dribble and touch passes on occasions. Pushes the ball well in transition and good man in the middle to distribute out of the high post in the half-court … Solid shooting form and release. Comfortable midrange shooter … Solid rebounder. Averaged 7.9 rebounds per game over the Nike EYBL in 2022 … Defends well with consistent effort. Picks up and harasses the ball full court, shows ability to switch. Sticks to the ball-handler, has quick hands, and has a tendency to get deflections and clean swipes on the ball. Averaged 1.5 steals per game over the Grind Session in 2021-22. Quick elevation and timing as a shot blocker. Averaged 1.1 blocks per game over the Grind Session in 2020-21 and 1.5 per game over the Nike EYBL in 2022 …

Weaknesses: Can improve touch within close … Good frame but needs to get stronger. Struggles with contact as a ball-handler and finisher … Doesn’t always catch the ball clean … Blends in too often. Goes through stretches without a touch and isn’t always involved with the offense. Spends a heavy majority of possessions spotted up on the 3PT line but lacks shooting ability to be a consistent threat, doesn’t cut/move off the ball or post up too often, diminishing him as a threat to score on most possessions. Hesitant and doesn’t look to score at times offensively. Only shot 0.8 free throws per game over the NIBC in 2022-23 … Struggles to score double digits often. Scoring stats: 7.3 PPG 52.3% FG% Grind Session 2021-22, 8.9 PPG 36.9% FG% EYBL 2022, 7.2 PPG 48% FG% NIBC 2022-23 … Shooting form isn’t bad but he doesn’t have a consistent 3-ball and tends to settle for jump shots. 3PT shooting: 28.3% 3PT% 2.6 3PTA Grind Session 2020-21, 16.7% 3PT% 1.5 3PTA Grind Session 2021-22, 10.3% 3PT% 2.6 3PTA Nike EYBL 2022, 25% 3PT% 1.6 3PTA NIBC 2022-23 … Poor free throw shooter. 55.7% FT% Grind Session 2020-21, 54.5% FT% Grind Session 2021-22, 44.8% FT% Nike EYBL 2022 … Tends to foul often … Can work on limiting turnovers. Averaged 2.5 turnovers per game over the Grind Session in 2020-21 and 2.9 per game over the Nike EYBL in 2022 … Has a tendency to overplay when defending off the ball, allowing his man to get a back-door basket …

Outlook: Oregon freshman … 2023 McDonald’s All-American … Missed much of the 2022 summer, filming for the movie “Shooting Stars”, starring as a young LeBron James

Evan Tomes 9/11/23