1 - Kostja Mushidi

6-5, 220 Shooting Guard/Small Forward
Germany International
06/18/98 (24.3 yrs)
Uccle, Belgium
International Team
Mega Bemax
ABA Liga Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
86 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Josh Shipp

Strengths: Good size for a shooting guard with solid versatility and skill set for his age … Has a very good frame, with his body structure and wide shoulders  … Has great length, with a wingspan of 7 feet … Solid athlete … Posseses all the necessary tools to become a very good 3-and-D player … Solid first step that helps him on ISO situations … Above average leaper off one foot and also off both feet … Covers a lot of ground with his length on both ends of the floor … Can create his own shot at an okay level for now … He is very good on straight line drives … His high shooting release and long arms make it difficult for opponents to block his shot … Has shown potential on catch and shoot and also on spot up situations … He has the mentality of a scorer… Not afraid to mix it up on offense, choosing between driving to the basket, shooting mid-range jumpers and 3-pointers … Scores in bunches … When he is in a rhythm can score a lot of points in a short period of time… Great in the open court … Fills the lane well on the fast break … Likes to do the occasional coast to coast and can even be a “one man fast break” at times … Changes pace and direction when dribbling at a good level … Likes to exploit his length on offense, using it on his advantage by posting up smaller opponents … His footwork with his back to the basket is better than advertised … Posseses solid court vision … Can make the extra pass … His passing ability is developing nicely … Shows defensive potential … When he is focused on defense he can be a strong defender … His long arms help him contest the shots of opponents … He is versatile and can guard all perimeter positions… Has active hands on defense and makes a lot of steals… Very good on help defense from the weak side and seems to understand quickly the defensive rotations and adjust accordingly… He is not afraid of the big stage, instead he loves to be involved in crucial situations at the end of games… He wants to be the man, which shows something about his personality

Weaknesses: Lacks great speed and quickness for a guard … He lacks explosiveness… Good athlete, but not elite… While he has good bulk and strength to bully players, his speed seems to be compromised some by his upperbody strength … He needs space and room to gather before jumping and that makes it difficult for him to jump high enough and finish above the rim on a half court setting against teams that clog the lane … Has problems finishing through contact and length for now … Drives almost exclusively on straight lines … Right hand dominant. Has the tendency to finish with his right hand, even when he drives to the left … His ball handling is average for now and he really needs to work on dribbling with his left hand … Streaky shooter … His average ball handling and lack of explosivevenness limit him in ISO situations against good defenders … Inconsistent from 3-point range … Changes his shooting release when he is contested … Shot off the dribble lacks fluidity and needs work … His pull up game is still developing, since his shooting release is a little slower when he stops dribbling and goes for the shot … At times he falls in love with his jumpshot and settles for mid-range jumperts instead of going hard to the basket… Turnover prone, tries to do too much at times… Becomes anxious if he hasn’t shot for a while in a game, which can lead to bad decisions on offense… He might want to be the man, but he has the tendency to be too eager to prove that … Needs work on pick and roll situations as the ball handler … Has the habit of hesitating a little after he takes a screen on pick and roll situations and as a result loses time and is unable to get to the basket or pass to the rolling big… Must learn to look for the simple play and not always for the flashy one… Has to improve his passing, especially on the move … Doesn’t always have a good low stance on defense … At times depends too much on his length and athleticism on defense when he is guarding the ball and has no balance, which makes it easier for his opponents to get by him … When he is guarding a player on the weak side he has the tendency to stay too far away from him, which can lead to an open shot … Overhelps on defense, which can leave the player he is guarding wide open …

Overall: Kostja Mushidi is a work in progress. He is not the complete package, but he has the tools to become a player with the ability to affect the game on both ends of the floor … His upside and potential make him intriguing, but for him to make the next step he must learn to create his own shot and start knocking down jumpers on a consistent basis …

Notes: Participated in the 2017 Hoop Summit … He was born in Belgium … His mother is Belgian and his father Russian, but he moved to Germany at the age of 2 … Started his playing career in Germany, but he signed with Frence team Strasbourg at the age of 17, but left at the end of 2015/16 season and signed with Mega Leks … He has been a member of the Germany junior national teams since 2014 … He was named the MVP of the Albert-Schweitzer Tournament with the U18 German team in 2016 …

Stefanos Makris 4/7/17

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