30 - Julius Randle

6-9, 250 Power Forward
Kentucky Freshman
11/29/94 (28.8 yrs)
Plano, TX
High School
Prestonwood Christian
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills

NBA Comparison: David Lee/Billy Owens

Strengths: Very strong upper body and a reliable left hand … He shows a strong motor, and finishes well around the rim with contact … He is very skilled with his face up game and has shown some creative finishing ability … He is very dangerous on P&R and Pick and Pop, because of his ability to hit mid-range jumpers … Though he lacks elite explosiveness, he is able to use his strong frame to protect the ball and avoid blocks … On the offensive boards he is an absolute beast, relentless in seeking out rebounds … The same thing is true on the defensive end where he has natural instincts for rebounds … A pretty good post defender, he uses his strong body to not allow taller opponents to get close to the rim … He doesn’t have the quickest feet in the world, but definitely really good for a big, very balanced … Potentially he can switch on P&R situations for a couple of dribbles, but needs to improve on his showing … Randle is a mix of power, skills and balance that makes him a very interesting prospect … Despite being just a freshman he could have an immediate impact in the NBA due to his strength and offensive skills … He has drawn positive reviews for his attitude and coach-ability and appears to be a hard working kid that leaves everything on the floor every game and every practice …

Weaknesses: Despite all the good things mentioned about his game there are a lot of concerns about Randle … In a way Randle’s high energy, "bully ball" style of playing reminds some of how Shabazz, at a different position, overpowered people last year and we’ve seen how much the former UCLA small forward has struggled in the league … It’s been noted that Randle is undersized for the PF position, lacking ideal length with a sub 7 foot wingspan … He may struggle to create looks against stronger, more athletic and taller opponents in the post … Offensively his numbers on synergy indicate how difficult it has been for him to score on post moves with very low percentages on each low post block and over either shoulder … It also doesn’t help matters that he is not able to utilize his right hand … Very few, even highly talented, players are able to play at high level without being able to finish and make moves with both hands, as the book becomes well known and everyone overplays their strength. I’m not sure if Randle fits this category, but the fear is there … His shooting isn’t consistent and despite good mechanics, his percentages are low and 3pts range is non-existent … He will have to develop a consistent solid jumpshot to replicate the success of Zach Randolph and Michael Beasley when facing the basket … Overall his game right now is based almost entirely on overpowering weaker opponents … He is very skilled but it will be hard to find the same success overpowering post players in the league. Also it is worth considering that most of Randle’s game is below the rim … His future will likely hinge more heavily than most prospects on landing in the right system, where a team has a vision of how to utilize him and makes sure he stays focused and works hard on the right skill development … A bad team or loss or focus could pose a huge risk to his NBA career …

Notes: One of the most polarizing prospects of this year’s draft … He started the year regarded as one of the top forwards in the country. Talented and tough he was the star player of the highly valued freshman class of Kentucky … He has been very solid averaging 15 points and over 10 rebounds per game, but the poor performance of the Wildcats until the NCAA tournament seemed to have diminished the Randle brand … His upside is in fact the same one he had one year ago, very limited. However he is definitely a player ready to produce … You always know what you are going to get from him, and March Madness has proved he can help his team succeed …

Rick Pietro 4/3/14

Strengths: Strong body … Has a high skill level for a high school sophomore … Excels at facing up and putting the ball on the floor … Very good finisher around the basket … Can step out and hit shots all the way to college 3pt. range … Can play with his back to the basket but prefers face up game … A good kid with a great work ethic …

Weaknesses: While very solid, especially considering his age, not a jaw dropping physical specimen type of athlete … Doesn’t play on the box as much as he should, too perimeter oriented. Should focus a little more on refining his post game which will really be his bread and butter as he gets older … Settles for too many jumpers at times instead of imposing his will inside … Too left hand dominant. Needs to work at using his right hand better …

Notes: Considered by many to be the top player in the 2013 class … Measured 6’9 (in shoes) 243 lbs, with a 6’10 wingspan at the 2011 LeBron James Skills Academy … Measured 6’10 (in shoes) 240 lbs, with a 6’11 wingspan at the 2012 LeBron James Skills Academy … Measured 6’9 (in shoes) 248 lbs, with a 6’11 wingspan and 8’9.5 reach at the 2013 Nike Hoop Summit

Ian Powers 7/15/10

April 27, 2010