30 - Julian Wright

6-8, 211 Small Forward
Kansas Sophomore
05/17/87 (33.4 yrs)
Flossmoor, IL
High School
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2006 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
94 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Boris Diaw

James Burbridge – 6/19/2007

Strengths: Can create mismatches all over the floor with his size and point guard skills, i.e. dribbling and passing. Can take bigger guys off the dribble and post up smaller players. Able to play the finesse game as well as be a bull in the post. Very tough minded, which is a misconception based upon his slight frame. Led the Jayhawks in rebounding his sophomore year by a wide margin with 7.8 per game, with the next highest total being 5.6 rpg. Improved in every statistical category his sophomore year besides blocks, which stayed on pace at 1.3 per game. A very hard worker, evidenced by his statistical climb from freshman to sophomore year and the noticeable improvement on his jumpshot. Capable of making eye popping plays either as a distributor, a finisher and also on the defensive end of the floor. A great personality in the locker room, any team looking to change the attitude in the locker room or strengthen team chemistry would be doing themselves a disservice by overlooking him. A player capable of filling up the stat sheet; Kirilenko-esque.

Weaknesses: First and foremost, his jumpshot. While it is undoubtedly improved, there is still much work to be done. With a reliable jumpshot that defenders would have to respect, the damage Julian could do to opposing defenses would jump tenfold. Also alarming is Julians performance at the 2007 combine where he came in 66th in total athleticism. Especially startling is his performance in the bench press drills where he could only lift the 185 pound bar twice. After two full years with a major collegiate teams strength program, one would think he would be able to lift more than two reps. Also, which position does Julian fit in the pros? He is a quick four? A big three? It would come down to team need I believe and offensive philosophy.

Conclusion: On the right team, Julians style of play could ignite a teams offense. His long arms, he measured in with a 72 wingspan and a 9 standing reach at the combine, allow his to play bigger than he really is and equip him to play frustrating on the ball defense. While his lack of strength might raise some red flags, it never seemed to be an issue while playing at Kansas, where he faced first class talent on an almost nightly basis. Patience is the key with Julian; once he figures out his role on the team and what he is capable of, and also if he is ever able to consistently knock down his outside jumpers, then the dividends of his game will unfold.

Matthew Maurer – 12/22/2006

Strengths: For his size, he is a tremendous passer able to make impressive plays Unselfish player who gets his teammates involved in the offense … Excellent court vision, sees the floor with ease Smart player who doesnt force things. Waits and lets the game come to him Possesses the ball handling ability to take most opposing forwards to the basket Has a quick first step which allows him to gain separation from his defender Combine that with his assortment of crossovers and change of speed dribbles Excellent athlete who is a great finisher in transition He possesses long arms and quickness which enables him to disrupt passing lanes Adequate shot blocker who is a threat as a help defender thanks to his solid lateral movement Has improved greatly as a rebounder by improving his fundamentals instead of just relying on his athleticism as he previously had Clearly has expanded his shooting from mid-range and has the ability to hit from the perimeter His versatility creates mismatches for opposing teams While his skill set reminds you of a finesse forward, he is a tough minded player who doesnt shy away from contact

Weaknesses: Can almost be unselfish to a fault in that he doesnt take control of the game offensively Must continue to increase his upper body strength to aid him in finishing after contact occurs Perimeter shooting is a work in progress. While Wright has the ability, he remains streaky Still isnt what you would call a consistent performer, often he will follow one spectacular performance with several sub par games Has a habit of going for the spectacular pass which can cause turnovers Adding improved back to the basket skills would allow for him to really expand his offensive game Free throw shooting continues to improve but remains a work in progress

Rob Salvador – 9/21/2004

Strengths: A high riser with gifted all around athleticism … Loves using his hops to attack the basket … At his best when he’s around the rim, where his athleticism, size, and incredible wingspan make him a dangerous weapon … An excellent offensive rebounder, leading to a lot of tip ins, and easy baskets … Also adept with his back towards the basket, where he can use his size to create easy shots for himself … An incredible slasher with tremendous balance and body control … Loves the open floor game… Very quick first step allows for easy penetration, and being an incredible finisher he usually scores when he gets to the basket … Unlike most 6’8 players, Julian is a terrific ball handler, and often brings the ball up and leads the break for his team… Played point guard during his junior year at Homewood Flossmoor… Unselfish player with good court vision … His size allows for excellent passing ability, and he usually finds the open teammate … Good rebounder, mostly due to his size and athletic ability … His long arms (7’1 wingspan) lead to lots of steals and blocked shots … Defense is solid and has great potential …

Weaknesses: Size and athleticism play a big role in his game, so he’ll need to learn how to become a player that doesn’t rely on his physical ability so much….While Julian is a true talent, there are some gaping holes in his game…. Needs to add a better J to be effective on the next level … His perimeter game can really develop… Must put on strength … Relies too much on athleticism at times, which wont work on the NBA level, so his development at Kansas, especially offensively, is key .

YouTube Clip – 1/1/2001

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