11 - Josh Jackson

6-8, 205 Shooting Guard/Small Forward
Kansas Freshman
02/10/97 (24 yrs)
Southfield, MI
High School
Prolific Prep
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

 NBA Comparison: Kawhi Leonard/Jimmy Butler

Strengths: One of the main things that jumps out at you is JJ’s versatility on both sides of the ball … From an offensive standpoint, he possesses a very high Basketball IQ that allows him to be aware of where his teammates are on the court … While he doesn’t play the role of a primary ball handler for Kansas, he’s averaging a very impressive 3.1 assists per game … He gets many of these due his natural knack of knowing where everyone is on the court, and having the touch and creativity to get the ball where it needs to go … His motor also jumps off the page, he’s an elite offensive rebounder for a 6’8’’ wing and is extremely assertive when he’s on the hunt for a loose ball, or rebound … Jackson also has a very solid first step, and the ball handling ability to get past defenders at a level that looks to translate to the NBA … He also plays within himself with the ball in his hands … He’s shown takeover ability this season for the Jayhawks, but for a freshman averaging 15.3 ppg, he’s very controlled, and doesn’t have the tendency to get sloppy for the sake of getting a shot … He’s an extremely disruptive and explosive defender too, with a solid 6’9.75’’ wingspan, which will aid him in his NBA translation … He’s not the type of defender that merely hinders his opponents ability to score, he’s deadly in the passing lanes, and is aggressive trying to steal the ball and deflecting passes … This results in a lot of fast breaks, and easy transition buckets … His shot blocking ability is also very impressive for a wing … Jackson blocks 1.5 shots per game (to go with 1.5 steals) and has the ability to get them in one on one situations, or coming over from the weak side … Jackson has also played 3 positions for Kansas this year ranging from the 2, to a small ball 4 … He looks to only be able to play shooting guard and small forward in the NBA, but he can do so effectively on both sides of the ball … Athletically he’s explosive, quick, and has good lateral, as well as open court speed … His assertiveness, and aggressive tendencies pair with his athletic gifts making him a regular on highlight reels, and this is a valuable quality in regards to team momentum … Has a blue collar work ethic and willingness to do the dirty work, does not exhibit the prima donna attitude often associated with elite level prospects … An extremely competitive and passionate kid who brings a high level of intensity and desire to improve …

Weaknesses: Jackson’s biggest weakness right now is his shooting … While his athleticism, and his ability to play within himself leaves him with a .52% FG clip, he’s shooting just 28% from deep, and 54% from the charity stripe … His shot is not broken or beyond fixing, and he does have touch, but it does have a little hitch that will take time to correct … His aggressiveness is more often than not a good thing, but this can render him in foul trouble, which can frustrate him … He’s picked up 3 technical fouls, all due to frustration of foul calls, through Jan 7th of 2017 … He’s picked up 4 or more fouls in 5 out of Kansas’ first 15 games, and fouled out of three, so cutting down on fouls early in games will be key … Jackson is a pretty good rhythm jump shooter, and has real potential shooting off the dribble, so the honing of his shot is key to him taking the step beyond a high level two way role player and an All-Star level player …

Overall: Josh Jackson is a high level prospect with a lot of potential in the NBA … He has the size and athletic ability to play two positions in the NBA on both sides of the ball … He’s a competitor with a great motor, and the rare type of guy who can create offensive out of defense … He’ll need to work on his shot to take his game to the next level, but Jackson appears to have a high floor, as well as the ceiling of an All-Star level player. 

Notes: Measured 6’7.75 (in shoes) 203 lbs, with a 6’9.75’’ wingspan at the 2016 Hoop Summit … Measured 6’7 without shoes, 6’8.25 with shoes, 202.5 lbs, with a 6’9.75 wingspan and 8’9.75 standing reach at the 2015 USA U19 tryouts

David Ray 1/10/17

Strengths: High level athletic wing who plays with a lot of passion and intensity … Vocal leader … Charismatic personality … Gifted player on both offense and defense, possesses a lot of natural ability … Tremendous athlete … Great combination of explosiveness and finesse … Advanced court vision, allows him to be multidimensional offensively as a threat to score or distribute … Does a great job of playing to his strengths whether it’s scoring for himself or finding a teammate who has the hot hand … Can score in a variety of ways and is a threat from multiple spots on the floor … Good ball handler. Can create off the dribble and get where he wants … Controls his defender on the perimeter … Thrives in transition, as a leader and finisher, also plays well in a half court set … Defends well and has the tools to be elite at the highest level … Great shot blocker for a wing, great timing and quick elevation. Good instincts, knowing when to jump for blocks and when to stay on his feet … Rebounds well … Improved his scoring in the post more when he was defended by a smaller guard … Serves as an all-around player and impacts the game in multiple categories … Clutch gene. Had many big moments at crucial times to finish close games … Intense competitor. Can play through physicality …

Weaknesses: Can improve as a ball handler but has made noticeable strides … Can improve his jump shot. He can get hot from outside but can still add consistency, still has a slight hitch in his shot that causes him to release the ball on the way down … Passionate player but can wear his emotions at times … Older for his grade by quite a bit. Will turn 20 in February of his freshman season …

Outlook: Jackson had a big senior season showcasing his elite ability against top competition … He never failed to rise to the occasion … When he gets into attack mode and plays at his best, he can’t be matched … Earned MVP of the McDonald’s All-American Game … As of right now, it is likely he will only be at Kansas for one season as he is the top prospect among the talented 2017 NBA Draft class … His rare combination of elite tools, athleticism, and IQ gives Jackson the potential to be one of the faces of the NBA in the future …

Evan Tomes 6/28/16

Strengths: 6’8 elite level wing prospect … One of the most naturally talented prospects in HS over the past few season … Tremendous athlete. Great combination of explosiveness and finesse … Excellent court vision. Can play as a scorer and distributer … Can score in a variety of ways, advanced offensive game … Has a good handle, showing the ability to create off the dribble … Has the ability to control his defender from the perimeter … Knows how to set up teammates to score as well as create for himself … Thrives in transition but can also play in a half court set … Has the tools to be an elite defender at the highest level … Great shot blocker for a wing, great timing and quick elevation … Mastered the between the legs step back to create open jump shots … Rebounds well … Can fill the stat sheet as an all around player …

Weaknesses: Still has room to tighten up his ball handling, can get sloppy throughout the game … Also has room to become a more consistent jump shooter … While he has no problem breaking down the defense from the perimeter, becoming a consistent scoring threat from outside would do wonders for Jackson’s game … Has a tendency to take plays off or settle when he should be involved with every play … Should post up more when having a guard or smaller wing guarding him … Utilizing his physical tools and natural athleticism to expose mismatches closer to the basket would add another dimension to an already nearly unstoppable player …

Outlook: Jackson transferred to the newly formed Prolific Prep in Napa, California after spending his first two high school seasons with Detroit Consortium. He thrived with the opportunity to play in some of the nation’s top high school events against elite talent showing why he is considered one of the top prospects in a loaded 2016 high school class. With his rare combination of elite tools, athleticism, and IQ; Jackson has the potential to be one of the faces of the NBA in coming years.

Notes: Full name is Joshua O’Neal Jackson, but goes by Josh or JJ … born in San Diego, CA … Measured 6’7 without shoes, 6’8.25 with shoes, 202.5 lbs, with a 6’9.75 wingspan and 8’9.75 standing reach at the 2015 USA U19 tryouts

Evan Tomes 7/10/15