1 - JJ Hickson

6-9, 242 Power Forward
NC State Freshman
09/04/88 (32.1 yrs)
Atlanta, GA
High School
2007 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills
90 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Chris Wilcox

Borko Popic – 5/26/2008

Strengths: Very strong and mobile big man In addition to great upper and lower body strength, he has a very long wingspan, making his package that much more promising He has a nice first step that he utilizes effectively from the high-post, where he faces up and takes the ball to the hoop Shows nice patience and understanding of how to get open in the post, working from block to block to receive a pass in the best possible scoring position His repertoire in the post is decent and has shown some nice development; he can throw a variety of hook-shots, spin moves and up & unders at his defender from the block He has a fadeaway that is very difficult to defend because he gets it off with a mix of shoulder fakes Can be a difficult match up for bigger post players, because he has the body to mix it up inside, but also the speed and willingness to run the floor effectively Uses his length to block a number of shots and alter many others around the basket His broad shoulders allow him to clear space in the paint giving him a big advantage when it comes to rebounding

Weaknesses: Is still not ready for the next level, could use an extra year or so of college to mature further and develop his game Does not have the great leaping ability that so many other young 4 men in the league possess Although he shows a strong preference towards operating from the high post, his almost non-existent jump shot and subpar ballhandling will initially restrict him to the low blocks The limited range on his jumpshot can be attributed primarily to his flawed mechanics, as he does not square up to the basket and his elbow goes out too far on the release His touch around the hoop is very unrefined and he struggles to catch passes while on the move, which raises some questions about his hands He was able to get away with a lot offensively in college because he could always overpower the defender with his strength, but until he develops a dependable and consistent post up game he will struggle against the more athletic/aggressive players in the league Although he has been able to limit his fouls, his defensive game has shown minimal growth He is very undisciplined, leaving his feet to try and block every shot that is put up, he also gets out of position frequently, allowing his man to score with ease

Aran Smith – 12/8/2006

Strengths: Powerful, athletic forward with intriguing upside Has a great combination of agility and strength potential, appears as thought hell be able to add another 20 pounds to his frame without losing much if any mobility Already has good strength with powerful legs and a solid upper body Has a very strong base with thick legs that make him tough to push around With his long wing span and strength/athleticism he has the potential to become a dominant rebounder Bouncy four-man who runs the court well, and finishes well above the rim Shows solid fundamentals shooting mid range jump shots Has soft hands and good touch Has above average ball handling ability and likes to face the basket and take opponents off the dribble

Weaknesses: Needs to develop his offensive post moves Must learn better footwork inside on both ends of the floor At times he appears to have mental lapses Needs to gain better focus for entire ball games Must learn how to use his great strength without drawing fouls. Improved footwork and concentration on fundamentals will help him. Not falling for ball fakes Can dominate opponents with sheer athleticism, but that wont be the case in the ACC next year, must gain better skill level Has a tendency to wander away from the basket for mid range jumpers, but is more effective using his strength inside His heavy legs give him great strength inside, but limit his lateral foot speed and may eventually slow him down some in transition