Jerryd Bayless

6-3, 204 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Arizona Freshman
08/20/88 (32.3 yrs)
Phoenix, AZ
High School
St. Marys
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2007 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
99 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Gilbert Arenas/Jay Williams

Borko Popic – 5/6/2008

Strengths: A must see to believe type of talent Possesses incredible open floor speed, which combined with a devastating first step make him a nightmare to defend Tremendous leaping ability and superb body control allow him to finish in the lane over much taller players Gets great lift on his jump-shot, with range well out to the NBA three His pull up jumper is magnificent; with the elevation, balance, and quick release, he is virtually able to shoot whenever, and over whomever he desires He has great intelligence and confidence plus a swagger that makes him an assassin on the floor in heightened situations Is able to get open shots by making good reads and using screens effectively Aggressive attacking the hoop, and extremely adept at getting to the foul line Great hesitation and change of pace dibbles Flash and flamboyance are nicely contrasted with a high basketball IQ and craftiness Has all the tools to become a special player on the NBA level

Weaknesses: Although he has a great feel for the game, his playmaking skills will need to improve to handle the PG spot fulltime His lack of a good wingspan neutralizes his great athleticism to a slight degree, and hinders his ability to defend Although he improved as the season went along, he still settles for the contested jumpshot way too often, adding shot discipline is crucial His shooting motion is a little unorthodox as he sort of shot puts the ball. But it’s nothing that needs tampering with as he shoots it the same way every time and very effectively … At times forces the issue too much, getting out of control and finding himself in traffic with nobody to throw the ball to … Will need to get stronger and better conditioned, he may have fallen victim to the physical grind, as fatigue settled in at the end of the season, his shot become more inconsistent, dropping his percentages substantially (he did not have a game where he made more than 2 threes in his last 10 outings) His emotions can get the best of him, and at times his frustration renders him completely non-existent on the court He is somewhat turnover prone, but with more experience and maturity it should not be a concern Continues to be plagued by injuries, which raises questions about his durability Despite all of his talent, there are some concerns about his ability to make others better, he has been on underachieving teams in AAU as well as at Arizona, raising the issue of selfishness. Is he a teammate others want to play with? It depends who you ask … Still has some maturing to do, but is seen as a guy who will ultimately succeed at the NBA level due to his tremendous desire and intelligence …

Aran Smith – 9/7/2005

Strengths: In a word: special. Bayless combines incredible speed, quickness and athleticism with a high level of intelligence and composure … Winners mentality … He really excels on the offensive end of the floor with his scoring ability … Has an extra gear blowing by defenders with ease, and needs just an inch of daylight to get his jumpshot off … Excellent body strength for his age … He understands how to create shots for himself and has incredible leaping ability … Very strong offensively, great form on his shot … Plays with a high level of intensity … Good defender, team player. Has leadership ability …

Weaknesses: Must become better at running the PG position … More of a scoring point, but his PG abilities are improving … Can be prone to trying to do too much, must be more patient and composed … Still hasn’t sustained himself as an elite level player for an extended period of time …

Notes: Missed a good portion of his Sophomore season due to a broken wrist after coming down awkwardly on a dunk attempt … Was considered one of the top overall players as a Junior at the 2005 Nike All America Camp.

YouTube Video – 3/12/2008

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