25 - Jared Jordan

6-2, 190 Point Guard
Marist Senior
10/14/84 (39.4 yrs)
Hartford, CT
High School
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2006 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
87 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Steve Blake

Matthew Maurer – 1/30/2007

Strengths: Has a lot of point guard abilities such as the ability to control tempo, great court vision, high basketball IQ and veteran leadership Patient player who keeps his dribble alive instead of over-penetrating and forcing passes Great standstill shooter from the perimeter who can convert when left open Surprising rebounder despite his strength/athleticism for his position Strong player who understands how to use his body to shield off defenders on drives to the basket Pesky perimeter defender, thanks to his footwork and anticipation skills Hustler who has no problem doing the dirty work like diving on the floor for loose balls Constantly looks to push the ball up the court to ignite the fast break Great decision maker with the ball in his hands Plays the game with a great deal of intensity and determination Has no problem handling most defensive pressure due to his calm demeanor Has three point range on his jumper Decent finisher on his drives to the basket and can finish with either hand Does an excellent of distributing to open teammates

Weaknesses: Although decently quick, Jordan struggles to gain full separation from his defender Inconsistent jump shooter who can go through big periods of hot/cold streaks Could struggle to defend the NBA point guards due to his average lateral quickness Not a great at shooting off the dribble or working off screens Doesnt have the body type that the NBA covets while listed at 6-2, could be shorter and lacks strength To compound matters his arms arent long enough to make up for his average quickness Has NBA range but lacks consistentcy to make 3s with regularity Potential may be limited as he doesnt appear to have very far to go before he reaches the ceiling Can be a little turnover prone which to his credit is due in part to his teams personnel as he is the only quality ball handler

Adi Joseph – 11/30/2006

Strengths: Outstanding ball-handler and passer … Very consistant point guard who shows veteran leadership on the court … Excellent on ball defender … Good length … Strong rebounder for a point guard … Seems most comfortable when setting up his teammates … Has shown the ability to drive to the hole … Very good stamina, averaged 39 minutes per game as a junior … Is a hustle player … Aspires to be a coach, and shows great basketball IQ … Very crafty player around the basket, both passing and shooting … Soft touch around the basket …

Weaknesses: Struggles when forced to carry team … Not a great three point shooter … Has a tendency to turn the ball over at times from trying to do too much at once … Lacks experience playing against great competition in the MAAC conference … Not very athletic or fast … Could be overmatched in NBA by much quicker or stronger point guards … Has an uphill climb to make it in the NBA athletically …

Notes: Averaged 8.5 assists as a junior, leading the nation.