1 - James Young

6-6, 215 Shooting Guard
Kentucky Freshman
08/16/95 (27.8 yrs)
Troy, MI
High School
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Daequan Cook/Arron Afflalo

Strengths: Young is a very talented scorer who can beat you in a variety of ways, his jump shot being the most notable. He’s very confident in his ability to hit from deep and can knock shots down off the dribble, while being tightly guard, coming off of screens or spotting up. His release is quick and he looks like a guy who could become an expert marksmen with time. Has excellent size for his position at 6’6-6’7 with a good wingspan and a 215 lb frame that looks like it could easily add another 10-20 lbs. With his length and more experience he could potentially become a fantastic defensive player. He’s a lefty and is young for his class so he could potentially grow some more. Crafty offensive player who finds ways to put points on the board. Plays with good energy. Excellent body control and finishes well through contact. One of the better rebounders at his position. Appears to have a good head on his shoulders and is a functional passer.

Weaknesses: At this point doesn’t have a go-to skill that sticks out. He’s merely good in most areas as opposed to great. His jumper is still streaky and he has a tendency to take some bad shots early in possessions. Not a special leaper and lacks a degree of quickness which means he may be more of a small forward than a shooting guard. Despite his frame he could still add a good deal of strength. His ball handling needs tightening as he’s usually most effective only utilizing a few dribbles and his right hand needs work. Lack of driving ability renders him somewhat one dimensional offensively, if his outside shot is not falling he can shut down. Lacks a lot of experience at this stage and it shows defensively with his gambling. It also shows up in his decision making at times and it’s hard to grasp how great is basketball IQ is at this point.

Overall: Young has the foundation of skills to be a big time scorer down the line. His combination of youth, length, shooting and body control gives him a lot of potential. However, he’s still learning to pick his spots and will likely need to be given time to develop. Would be best suited going to a team with a veteran shooting guard to mentor him for a year or two.

Sam Gallenberger 3/13/14

Young started the Spring as a top 10 player. Heading into the summer, he is a top 5 player. He is an athletic lefty who can score in a variety of ways. He is long and explosive around the basket and can get hot from 3 and see his point totals go up in a hurry. He play within himself and rarely takes a bad shot and plays a very unselfish brand of basketball. He can put the ball on the floor in the half court and get to the bucket and his mid range game is nothing to sneeze at either. He is the best pure scorer in this years senior class and possibly the entire country.

Ian Powers 6/30/12

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