55 - Ivan Radenovic

6-10, 244 Small Forward/Power Forward
Arizona Senior
06/10/84 (37.1 yrs)
Belgrade, Serbia
High School
Secondary School
2006 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
74 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Matt Bonner

Matthew Maurer – 1/27/2007

Strengths: Classic European game. Great face-up shooter from mid-range Has three point range on his jump shot Fundamentally sound player who does a lot of the little things that dont show up in the box score Possesses leadership skills, he is a glue guy who keeps his teammates focused Despite lacking great speed, moves well without the ball Radenovic does a good job of getting to the basket by using fakes, helping to overcome his lack of athleticism Excellent ball handler for his size His versatility creates mismatches for opposing defenders Excellent post passer who consistently looks for cutters and possesses the court vision to react to double teams quickly Solid rebounder in his area due to good positioning Top notch free throw shooter Back to the basket moves are steadily developing Approaches the game with a great attitude and toughness While not an explosive scorer, Radenovics experience and feel for the game enables him to get on a roll offensively Shows soft touch around the basket on put-backs and flip-ins Does a good job of keeping the ball up high

Weaknesses: Radenovic is a below average athlete Defensively he lacks the foot speed to guard athletic forwards in the NBA Tweener who will be at a disadvantage at either forward position Lacks the body strength to defend power forwards and will struggle to defend athletic small forwards Despite his height, Radenovic lacks the explosiveness to be a shot blocker Struggles to guard physical defenders in the post Can get infatuated with shooting from the perimeter instead of driving to the basket Lacks the strength to finish after contact occurs Although a solid rebounder, Radenovic doesnt have the lateral quickness nor explosiveness to get rebounds out of position Can go through periods of inconsistency shooting from the perimeter Doesnt move with fluidity, seems mechanical Has a bad habit of forcing shots from time to time Back to the basket moves are still in need of refinement but have improved greatly

Aran Smith – 9/14/2006

Strengths: Fundamentally sound player with excellent size and shooting ability A prolific scorer who can really fill it up when hes on Has good form shooting the ball, with a quick release Tough competitor, plays hard and is not afraid of taking big shots Has good experience having grown up learning the European game in Serbia, plus the expreience of having played at the highest level of NCAA basketball Has good versatility offensively with the ability to face the basket as well as score on smaller players posting up Solid vision and passing skills Has a good feel for the game hard working kid, team player with a good attitude …

Weaknesses: A bit stuck between positions, lacking quickness on the perimeter and strength inside Lacks great fluidity, explosiveness and athleticism Not especially fast in the open floor, and lacks great foot speed Average physical strength, he has some post skills, but hes more adept playing away from the basket Needs to improve upon his consistency shooting from outside … Shot just 28% from 3 as a junior, but has the ability to shoot at a much higher clip