21 - Deividas Sirvydis

6-8, 195 Small Forward
Lithuania International
06/10/00 (21.3 yrs)
Vilnius, Lithuania
RKL Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
88 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Kyle Singler

Strengths: Versatile lefty forward … Has ideal size for a wing … High basketball I.Q and makes a lot of smart plays, especially on the offensive end of the floor … Excellent feel for the game … Can play 3 positions, from shooting guard (on big lineups) to power forward (on small lineups) … Has a great looking Jump Shot … Excellent shooter in just about every situation … Possesses a quick shooting release and needs minimum time to shoot the ball … Very good on Catch and Shoot situations and also in Spot up situations … Moves well without the ball … Knows his way around screens and can be a threat in flair and curl actions … Role player potential as a 3-point specialist … Can Shoot off the dribble and has an interesting Step Back shot in his repertoire … Attacks closeouts and either goes all the way to the basket (mainly going on his left) or creating for a teammate … He can create problems when he receives the ball on the move, because when he is one step ahead of his defender
can cover his athletic limitations … Doesn’t force things on offense, lets game come to him … He is a willing passer … Can start the fast break and either find the open teammate or do an occasional coast to coast … Fills the lanes in transition and knows where to stand to create advantage for his team, mainly going to the corner for spacing reasons … Makes the extra pass … Good passer on the move, having the ability to find the open man… He can even find a player on the weak side and see different angles when passing … Has shown encouraging signs as the ball handler in Pick and Roll situations, but in limited sample… In the future he could be a threat as a secondary creator for a team … Willing help defender … Fills the passing lanes on defense … Above average rebounder on the defensive end …

Below average athlete by NBA standards … Upper body needs to fill up … Doesn’t really have bounce, which can be a problem at the next level … Quick, but not an explosive player, with an average first step … Short wingspan (measured at about 6-8, same as his height), which limits him on defense … Ball handling is kind of loose, he doesn’t always dribble with his head up, which leads to turnovers … He can’t always create separation from his defender due to his average athleticism and ball handling … Mid-range game isn’t completely there yet … He can be too passive at times, just standing in a corner waiting for the ball to come to him … Not really effective when his shot isn’t falling, at least just yet … He can’t really mix it up on offense … He doesn’t draw fouls due to his playing style because he isn’t attacking the paint, so he doesn’t really go the line a lot, which is bad because he is a very good free throw shooter … He can suffer from tunnel vision at times while driving to the basket … He occasionally tries difficult passes that just aren’t there … Stronger opponents bully him on the defensive boards … Because he mostly stands in the perimeter, he is not a threat on the offensive board … His post up game is minimal, he isn’t really taking advantage of his size and he can’t exploit mismatches … Has an average lateral quickness … Gambles and goes for the steal, putting pressure on team’s defense … Spaces out on Defense, watching the ball and stays in no man’s land, losing his player … His post up defense is problematic, mainly because he is not strong enough to contain bulkier opponents …

Overall: Deividas Sirvydis is one of the best shooters of his generation in Europe … His shooting and high basketball I.Q are his most translatable skills, but in reality these are his only translatable skills at the moment … His average athleticism and short wingspan can limit his upside and may keep some teams away from him … In an era were spacing is the first (and at times… only) thing that teams have in mind though, if Sirvydis manages to become at least an average defender so he can be… playable, then he could become a good role player …

Stefanos Makris 6/19/19

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