2 - Darren Collison

6-1, 166 Point Guard
UCLA Senior
08/23/87 (33.2 yrs)
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
High School
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NBA Comparison: Darrell Armstrong

Strengths: Smooth, heady point who is one of the quickest guards in college basketball … Has extremely efficient numbers both shooting from all places on the court as well as decision making, running the team … Has a high basketball I.Q. displaying excellent passing ability (averaged just under 2/1 T:O ratio his senior year) … Collison has proven to be a true leader at the point guard position having led his team to three straight final four appearances before his senior year … Uses his lightning speed to blow by defenders to get to the basket … Excellent on the ball defender, his quick hands and long arms really cause trouble for opponents (over 1.5 steals per game for his career) … Has a great handle with the ball, and rarely makes bad decisions, and has shown that he can run a team … Has developed a solid runner that he utilizes to cut off drives before getting in too deep against long athletic post players … Has improved his shooting ability over his college years at UCLA by shooting just under 40% from 3, and over 50% from inside the arc this past season … Has been a proven winner from high school all the way through college, finds a way to get the job done … Has a chance to become a starter and if not should make for an excellent back up …

Weaknesses: His smaller size (body strength) makes it easy for bigger guards to have their way with him … Needs to hit the weight room and get stronger if he wants to hold his own at the next level … Has added some strength over the past few years, but it’s obvious he doesn’t have the body type to hold much muscle mass … Has a very unorthodox jumpshot that could make extending his range difficult. Also has a slow release due to his elaborate shooting motion … Must show that he can hit shots consistently at the NBA level, also needs to improve on his catch and shoot ability because right now most teams would look to sag off on him … Really needs to focus on using his smarts at the next level on the defensive end to make up for his small frame … Struggled to close out games in his senior year. Doesn’t appear to be a guy with great go-to ability … Lack of improvement in senior year brings his upside into question … While an above average on ball defender on the college level, concerns persist that bigger and stronger pro PGs will be able to exploit his lack of height and body strength …

Paolo Zamorano – 5/20/2009

Strengths: Made a name for himself as a freshman as a lock down defender, with his tremendous reflexes, long arms and quick feet: Collison has the ability to make life hell for opposing point guards trying to bring the ball up the court … An absolute jet, has an extra gear which allows him to blow by virtually any college PG at will … His hand and foot speed put him in elite company … Mentally tough. Has a great motor, competes hard and doesnt back down … He steps his level of intensity up in important situations … Has really improved as a floor general and shows excellent vision and passing along with great ball handling ability … A smart decision maker who knows when to pull the ball out and when to attack the glass … Rarely makes bad judgments passing the ball … He’s just 6 feet (barefoot) but has extremely long arms allowing him to play bigger than his actual size … His outside shooting has shown excellent improvement, and he has also developed an effective mid-range tear drop that he utilizes over shot blockers … His body control is tremendous … A real terror as an on ball defender, quick to pounce on any mistake made by opposing guards … If he gets a step on opponents in the open court, its usually too late to catch up to foul him …

Weaknesses: Still learning the ropes in his first full season as a college starting point guard … Lacks experience in big game situations leading a team, but appears primed to step into Farmars shoes and effectively lead the team as a sophomore … Has the makings of a star but will likely defer to more experienced players such as Mbah a Moute, Afflalo and Shipp with regard to go-to scoring until his time comes … Eventually will need to learn to take over in crunch time and become more selfish … He lacks great body strength. Could stand to bulk up some, at his current weight he is not able to absorb contact inside as well as bigger/stronger guards … He’s got solid leaping ability, but his greatest physical attribute is quickness … Can be posted up by taller and stronger guards His speed gives him a huge advantage in the open court, must continue to improve in the half court set … Must improve on his 1:1 A/TO ratio as a freshman …

Notes: Proved that he can be a tremendous role player backing up Jordan Farmar in UCLAs run to the 2005-06 Championship game.

Aran Smith – 11/21/2006

YouTube Clip – 11/15/2008