2 - Cliff Alexander

6-8, 240 Power Forward/Center
Kansas Freshman
11/16/95 (26.1 yrs)
Chicago, IL
High School
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NBA Comparison: Thomas Robinson/Jeff Adrien

Strengths: A real physical presence on the court, Alexander’s biggest strengths are his energy on the court and ability to effect the game without the ball in his hands … Possessing a 7’2’’ wingspan and weighing in at a chiseled 250 pounds, Cliff’s length and bulk are key in making up for his height, which at 6’9’’ in shoes, is a tad undersized for a bruiser style NBA power forward … He has a real nose for the ball, and is good about putting himself in position for rebounds and loose balls around the hoop … Through his first 6 college games, Alexander is averaging 12.97 rebounds per 40 minutes, and 5.4 offensive rebounds per 40 minutes … He’s been incredibly productive in whatever role he’s been given and provided momentum shifts with his finishing ability and good weak side shot blocking instincts … Averaging 3.24 blocks per 40 minutes, Cliff has really good timing coming over from the help side, and his length and nose for the ball gives him more potential as a rim protector than many players his size … On the offensive end, Cliff is a work in progress, but early on in the season he’s showcased good hands, and the ability to finish shots he’s supposed to make, often emphatically … Not an explosive athlete, but still pretty solid, his strength allows him to finish through contact, and his motor has rendered him very effective in following his own shot … Early on, his free throw percentage is also a little higher than expected based on how far his jumper is at this point …

Weaknesses: Cliff’s biggest weakness is his lack of an offensive repertoire … His jump shot is many reps away from being what I would consider game ready, and despite having good footwork on his drop step, his more advanced footwork in the post is still coming along at this phase of his development … Alexander has also struggled to shoot over length, and when going straight into his defender, he’s often gotten his shot blocked … He was late to the game having started his basketball career while in high school, so there are missing, small, feel for the game instincts that show at times … Mostly a garbage man, and lob finisher on offense, he can often be predictable when trying to create for himself in 1 on 1 post up opportunities … Cliff is also a guy who with more continued training could become more athletic … As a college freshman, he’s strong, mobile, and good end to end, but his lateral quickness and pure leaping ability could use some continued focus …

Overall: Cliff’s nose for the ball, and physicality on both ends of the court will most certainly help him carve out a role at the next level. Being just of adequate or average size for an NBA power forward, and not possessing a very advanced offensive game limits his potential, but Cliff projects to be a good rebounder, weak side shot blocker, and energy man when looking at his next level projection … Having one or two sure fire areas he can excel at in the NBA again is a big plus … Continued work on his offensive game, especially his creativity in the post and face up game will help his cause, and as he matures he has the frame to be a really, really physically strong player …

Notes: Measured 6’9’’ tall in shoes, a 7’2’’ wingspan, weighed in at 254 pounds, at the 2014 Nike Skills Academy.

David Ray 12/4/14

Alexander is a physical specimen in the lane. He catches and finishes anything near the rim and knows how to use his body to create space inside. He block shots in and out of his area and is great in screen and roll situations as a finisher. He plays hard and is relentless on both glasses. He is showing some signs of a solid back to the basket game , but like most young post players, he has a ways to go. Developing a face up game along with a post game will enhance his great natural ability. 

Ian Powers 6/30/12

Notes: Measured 6’8 (in shoes) 240 lbs, with a 7’2 wingspan at the 2012 Amare Stoudemire Skills Academy … Measured 6’8.5 (in shoes) 239 lbs, with a 7’3 wingspan at the 2013 LeBron James Skills Academy … Measured 6’8 (in shoes) 251 lbs, with a 7’3.5 wingspan and 9’0 standing reach at the 2014 Nike Hoop Summit … Measured 6’9 (in shoes) 254 lbs, with a 7’2 wingspan at the 2014 Nike Big Man Skills Academy

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