23 - Chris Walker

6-10, 210 Power Forward
Florida Sophomore
12/22/94 (28.8 yrs)
Bonifay, FL
High School
Holmes County
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills
84 Overall:

NBA Comparison: CJ Leslie

Strengths: Elite level athlete, especially at the college level … He has got great length (7-1 wingspan) and can jump out of the gym … Runs the floor well when he wants to and can finish extremely well on the fast break … Shoots a high percentage due to most of his offensive attempts coming on alley-oops and put backs off of his teammate’s penetration … On the defensive end, he can block shots with the best of them but struggles containing his man on the block … He’s a good rebounder at 12.3 boards per 48 minutes … Knows he’s not a great shooter and resists floating out on the perimeter and taking those shots even though teams will give them to him a la Josh Smith …. Finishes fairly well at the rim considering how much weight he is giving up to bigger post players … When his mind is in the right place and he’s motivated, there aren’t many guys that can match his athleticism in college …

Weaknesses: Still extremely raw on both sides of the floor … He’s a skinny kid who needs to get in the weight room and put on 20+ pounds of muscle … His lack of size leaves him as somewhat of a tweener when it comes to an overall position … He’s not strong enough yet to play the PF spot and lacks the lateral quickness and range to play SF … Lack of strength and skill development brings up legitimate questions about his work ethic … Outside of dunks and put backs, he lacks any real offensive game to this point … He doesn’t have a go-to post move and struggles when he has to make a power moves in the post … He is a year and a half into his college career and hasn’t even played a full season’s worth of games due to suspensions and eligibility issues. Scouts question his motor as he has a tendency to take plays and games off. Very inconsistent as he could give you a 15-5-2 line one night and then come back with a 4-2-0 line the next night.

Overall: The NBA is all about upside and potential … Based on his athletic ability he will always have scouts’ eyes but he needs to take that next step forward in his development, particularly on the offensive end … He’s put in some work in the weight room at Florida and you can tell he’s filling out … He still leaves a lot to be desired when watching his offensive game … He needs to develop some sort of mid-range game and at least one go-to post move before he can truly be considered a top level prospect again … The biggest thing Walker has going for him at this point is time … He still has 2+ years of eligibility left with the Gators and at this point he is going to need every bit of it …

Notes: Measured 6’9 (in shoes) 206 lbs, with a 7’1.5 wingspan at the 2012 LeBron James Skills Academy

Clayton Crowe 1/9/15